[sugar] Re: AbiWord GtkWidget + bindings

Ryan Pavlik abiryan
Mon Nov 27 14:56:49 EST 2006

Let this work serve as just another example of the rockingness of the 
AbiWord crew.  Thanks developers!

Ryan, your humble buildmonkey

J.M. Maurer wrote:
> Hi guys,
> A week back or so, there was some demand for a GtkWidget based on
> AbiWord, preferably with Python bindings, to properly integrate AbiWord
> with the Sugar environment. This would allow to ditch GtkSocket for
> embedding the external AbiWord application, as we did during the first
> SoC prototype phase.
> Thanks to the rocking efforts of Robert, Martin, Dom, "Tomeu" and others
> in our community, we now have exactly that: an AbiWord GTK widget and
> some nice python bindings to go along with it. All this work is already
> integrated in mainline AbiWord.
> AbiWord can be compiled using the --enable-libabiword switch now, which
> will give you a shared library (very gcc only at the moment, as we don't
> use libtool (yet), and installs the required pkg-config files.
> This library contains the AbiWord GtkWidget. This widget can be
> "modified" using standard GTK properties. We only implemented a couple
> of properties at the moment, because we simply didn't know which ones
> people would like to see. New properties will be trivial to implement.
> Then we have some python bindings, located in our CVS repository:
>   http://www.abisource.com/viewcvs/cgi/viewcvs.cgi/pyabiword/
> The "examples" directory contains some, who'd have guessed it, example
> code for you to toy with ;)
> If people would like to see additional features and/or properties
> implemented, just drop us a line on our developer mailing list[1], file
> bugs in our bugzilla[2], or even better, send us patches :)
> Back to AbiCollab hacking,
>   Marc
> [1] See http://www.abisource.com/developers/ for details
> [2] http://bugzilla.abisource.com/

Ryan Pavlik
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