[sugar] "Garden": A (currently hypothetical) Sugar library for sharing state between Activity participants

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Mon Nov 27 04:33:33 EST 2006

>> Other Possible Features:
>> - - A "private" mode, whereby setting up a symmetric session
>>   key by doing some sort of key negotiation via DH.  This feature, if it
>>   exists at all, should be made easy to disable because many 
>> jurisdictions
>>   in the world take a jaundiced eye to cryptography.
> Aren't all shared objects private until other users are specifically 
> invited?
> Potentially this framework could implement the UI around making shared 
> objects available/public, inviting users, etc.  It seems like a common 
> UI around this could be nice.

Note that this is already part of the sugar framework. You can share 
activities, invite people to them and join shared activities. Sharing an 
activity means also that you are sharing its object(s).


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