[sugar] A few more toolbar buttons for AbiWord?

J.M. Maurer uwog
Mon Nov 20 10:11:27 EST 2006

> That said, the rich editing UI that we're developing for the notebook is
>  Javascript-based, and thus isn't usable by regular GTK apps. This is
> where you, the AbiWord folks, come in. If you can shrink Abi to an
> embeddable GTK widget that speaks Crossmark, that would rock a whole
> lot, because it would let us do rich text everywhere -- file
> descriptions, e-mails, general annotations, you name it. We could
> encourage application developers to make almost every textbox where it
> makes any sense be an Abi textbox.
> And that's where I think we have a great place for Abi on the OLPC
> desktop. So if this sounds interesting, 

sure :)

> I wouldn't focus too much on the
> standalone Abi app; I'd love to see you folks shell out the widget, and
> have us integrate it right away.

I still think that abicollab will kick anything else's ass with regards
to collaborative editing.. but feel free to reinvent the wheel in
javascript :)


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