[sugar] Error while launching sugar on Edgy

bryan barnard raphael.barnard
Sun Nov 19 17:07:53 EST 2006


I just recently built sugar on Ubuntu Edgy (everything out of the box,
then followed the procedure on the wiki
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Sugar_on_Ubuntu_Linux). Building works fine,
but I run into trouble when I try ./sugar-jhbuild run, yielding the
following error:

Introspect error: The name org.laptop.DCONManager was not provided by
any .service files
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/raphael/sugar/sugar-jhbuild/build/bin/sugar-nm-applet",
line 37, in ?
    app = nmclient.NMClientApp()
  File "/home/raphael/sugar/sugar-jhbuild/build/share/sugar/services/nm/nmclient.py",
line 459, in __init__
    self.nminfo = nminfo.NMInfo(self)
  File "/home/raphael/sugar/sugar-jhbuild/build/share/sugar/services/nm/nminfo.py",
line 323, in __init__
    self._dbus_helper = NMInfoDBusServiceHelper(self)
  File "/home/raphael/sugar/sugar-jhbuild/build/share/sugar/services/nm/nminfo.py",
line 285, in __init__
    bus_name = dbus.service.BusName(NM_INFO_IFACE, bus=bus)
  File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.4/dbus/service.py", line 24, in __new__
    retval = dbus_bindings.bus_request_name(bus.get_connection(), name)
  File "dbus_bindings.pyx", line 1780, in dbus_bindings.bus_request_name
DBusException: Connection ":1.21" is not allowed to own the service
"org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo" due to security policies in the
configuration file

Has anybody got this error and found a solution ? It looks like
something is trying to get a lock on a service in the namespace owned
by the DBus protocol.



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