[sugar] New Abiword build and sugar icons.

msevior@physics.unimelb.edu.au msevior
Fri Nov 17 04:15:17 EST 2006

Hi everyone,
            I've commited a number of fixes to the sugar branch of abiword
that fixes the home directory issue, updates the AbiWord text
processing to handle all the pango-capable languages and
provides 48x48 pixel icons for AbiWord toolbars. I took the
icons from the tango project.

Marc (uwog) should be able to provide rpm's within a few hours.

The new text processing capabilities mean Abiword should in principle be
able  to the right things for a very large fraction of the world's
languages including Arabic and Thai. We would really appreciate feedback
from native speakers and writers in these languages though.

Regarding the toolabr icons, AbiWord normally uses the gtk-stock icons so
it is icon themeable. I think a better solution would be for the sugar
project to develop it's own icon theme with the large icons needed for the
OLPC. This would benefit all applications ported to sugar. I made a
special OLPC hack for this release though.



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