[sugar] Python Style Guide

Ian Bicking ianb
Tue Nov 14 14:45:46 EST 2006

I've applied the changes we have so far.

Generally, I think we should try to get diff-busting changes in early, 
like switching to spaces from tabs.  Other changes don't seem as urgent, 
especially if they can cause regressions; but I'm not entirely clear on 
timelines, so I'll defer to you guys.  Most important seem to be the set 
of changes which are easy and mostly safe, but mess up history.

Ian Bicking wrote:
>> *> Is _() always defined?
>> Nope, I think you need to import it from gettext.
> OK; are we just using plain gettext for everything?  I've been 
> encountering places where people use fancier _'s, but I think that's 
> because in server-side apps you might be supporting multiple language 
> simultaneously, which isn't an issue for OLPC.

Hmm... gettext doesn't define _, but it looks like we're just doing 
"from gettext import gettext as _".

Will this work for activities?  Do we need to define translation domains 
or anything like that?

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