[sugar] Re: [OLPC-devel] Pygtk and garbage collecting

Johan Dahlin jdahlin
Mon Jul 31 15:30:12 EDT 2006

Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> This PyGTK bug is going to be important for OLPC as it might slow down
> object destruction.
> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=320428

This is true for all GObject subclasses. GdkPixbufs is another problematic
case, since they're usually quite large.

Without the patch they appear to leak and will not be freed immediately.

The patch could use some wider testing, large applications are known to run
under it, but there may still be some corner cases which are not solved.

I think we're going to apply it early on in the next PyGObject/PyGTK release
cycle (after GNOME 2.16).


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