[sugar] Crash after login screen?

Chris Ball cjb
Mon Jul 31 02:02:22 EDT 2006


This is likely a FAQ, but I can't see an answer anywhere.  I'm running
the latest image (48-20060727_1355) on the A-test hardware, and after
clicking the "OK" button on the login screen, X shuts down (and is

I'm running a standard A-test board with a USB ethernet device that is
up and working on eth0.  If I do 'su - olpc; startx && sugar', in an
attempt to get some debug output, all I see is:

   Running the installed sugar...
   Redirecting output to the console, press Ctrl+Down to open it.

   waiting for X server to shut down

Any ideas?  I've seen this in the simulator too.


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at mrao.cam.ac.uk>    <http://blog.printf.net/>

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