[sugar] Couple of questions

John Marshall jmarshall
Mon Jul 24 07:54:49 EDT 2006

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> On 7/23/06, David Nielsen <david at lovesunix.net> wrote:
> > s?n, 23 07 2006 kl. 19:13 +0100, skrev Mike Hearn:
> > > OK cool, great answer, thanks! What about the first question? :)
> >
> > One could imagine using a default image and hope for the respective
> > schools to get cameras donated, the interface appears to 
> present no big
> > problems with replacing the user profile image.
> > We can't solve every problem but we can make it easy for 
> the children to
> > adapt the laptop to their conditions, if they have access 
> to a camera
> > giving them the chance to personalize their laptop is a rather neat
> > idea.
> Or the kids could draw an avatar with a drawing application?  Or,
> realistically, they'll download pictures of their favorite anime
> characters, etc.

Something like http://www.stortroopers.com/ (java needed) only built-in to the system would be nice.  That way they can build their own avatar out of stock parts, and have some fun too.

> (also, I can't help pointing out that if we were talking about laptops
> for the US, the problem would be how to STOP kids from using
> photographs of themselves)

That's a very good point.


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