[sugar] Couple of questions

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Fri Jul 21 22:38:59 EDT 2006

> Second question - the Presence DBUS service bears a strong resemblence
> to the Galago presence service. Is there some reason you're creating a
> new one?

Hi Mike,

so far our main focus has been about developing user experience ideas, 
iterating over them, experimenting. In that context it was easier to 
build quick prototypes than to go through the effort of extending 
existing frameworks.

When our ideas about the user experience and the framework will mature 
and settle down we will be looking at the best way to implement them. 
Which, in many cases, involves reusing and extending existing projects.

This is a gradual process and it already started to happen... We are now 
using Xephyr for the display emulation, Matchbox/libwnck for window 
management. I'm looking into Clutter (unaccellerated OpenGL problem aside).

Dan Williams has been looking into Telepathy/Galago. He will surely post 
about his findings when he is back from vacation... For now you can have 
a look to my brainstorming about it:


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