[sugar] Introduction support from IT4YI - IT4Youth Initiatives

Sven Aerts aertssven
Thu Jul 13 05:12:05 EDT 2006

Dear All,

we are very excited to support this initiative.

We are an international Youth Initiative from and by Youngsters.

We just gathered in Ankara-Turkey with 25 Youth Leaders and Youth 
Workers from national Youth Agencies to work on the topic on IT and 
Youth Initiatives, how to support Youth Initiatives, good examples, do 
some coding/programming/implementation, share experiences, get trained 
using some internet tools, .... what recommendations to make to Adult 
organisations, the UN and the EU an all Youth Agencies and Adult 
Organisations working with Youth.

We had a lecture on the OLPC and we want to be the first Youth 
Initiative to realize a both in the Real aswel as in the Virtual World 
workshop/meeting from an International group of Youngsters from the 
First World and the first wave of Youngsters receiving those OLPC's.

Next mail will give you a better overview of what we have been 
doing.... with links to some pictures, so you can see what and how we 
work... because all this reading can get a bit tiredsome.

the IT4YI-Team

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