[sugar] Sugar on the DCON chip

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Mon Jul 10 16:36:27 EDT 2006

> We had several questions:
> - How set in stone is the visual appearance of the theme?  Diana's
> "green" theme is beautiful, although I'm sure we'll need to make changes
> to make it look good on the DCON display.

I think Diana design is excellent (also everyone likes it!), so I think 
it should be our target. Though remember that we are still iterating 
over sugar design. Diana is working on mockups for the "Home" page 
introduced by design review 3... We have a meeting specifically targeted 
at visual design at the end of July... Things could change heavily.

We need to deal with technical limitations... Do you or Manu have a good 
idea of what are going to be the problems? Or is there any documentation 
about it? Certainly being able to emulate the display in xephyr would be 
a big help... sugar itself is running in xephyr now (for development). 
Anyway I'm sure that with Diana help we can figure out a way to adapt 
the design to the laptop screen. Let's keep talking...

> - We need write access to the GIT repository, so that Manu can put his
> patches in a branch (or whatever the GIT terminology is for that).
> Could someone please help us with this?
I just sent mail to Ivan about this, he is usually very responsive.
> - Do you have a list of missing features and other things that you want
> done in the theme engine?
I don't have a detailed list but in general here is stuff that needs work:

- Cleanup current code. It was put together quickly for the demo and 
it's certainly messy, incomplete, buggy in several places.
- There are lots of details in Diana mockups (shadows for examples) that 
are just not implemented in current code or that are wrong. It should be 
easy to figure out those by just comparing the mockups with current Sugar.
- There are widgets or widgets combinations (for example 
GtkMenuButtonToolItem in a toolbar) that just looks bad or unreadable. 
As we do design iterations we expose some of these, and they really need 
to be fixed anyway.
- There are performance issues. For example the gradients are really slow.

Manu, feel free to play with the theme and see where you can improve 
it... I'm going to put a more detailed list here:
Feel free to edit it too...


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