[sugar] Re: Cocoa and GNUStep,

Ian Bicking ianb
Thu Dec 28 11:42:32 EST 2006

Antoine van Gelder wrote:
>> Most of the special infrastructure of the laptop that Sugar adds will 
>> (I'm pretty sure) be accessible over dbus.  So that calls for good 
>> dbus bindings for Objective C -- I'm not sure if those exist.
> Calling external C libraries from Objective C is no more difficult than 
> from C++ so bindings aren't really needed unless you want a nice Objc OO 
> wrapper around them.

 From the dbus documentation is sounds like the C API for dbus is pretty 
low level, though I imagine the GLib bindings are better and might be a 
reasonable way to access the API (though you'd be using the GLib data 
types instead of the Objective C data types).  dbus is written with the 
intention that higher-level APIs are written on top of it, not so much 
for direct use.

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