[sugar] Bundle .info change

Dan Williams dcbw
Tue Dec 19 19:13:57 EST 2006

On Tue, 2006-12-19 at 13:03 -0800, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Dan,
> > Most of this can be achieved already.  Grab the build logs, and diff
> > them.  You'll see additions/removals from the package lists, which will
> > alert you to issues like the libGL one.  A reasonable suggestion is a
> > per-build mail sent to devel at laptop with package additions/removals.  We
> > should also have somewhere the hard list of libraries that, at a
> > minimum, we expect to ship.  Anything not on that list could not be
> > counted on to be in the images, even _if_ it did slip into a few of them
> > at various points.  Examples: libGL, perl, emacs, vi, etc.
>    Sorry to ask this, but where can I find the build logs?

In the same directory you get the images from, the file is called
"build.log".  For example:



> > Ideally, we would have developed the platform for the past 3 years and,
> > this past summer, rolled it out with a stability guarantee and
> > occasional bugfixes.  But that's not the case, and the platform is being
> > developed _in parallel_ with the activities that are supposed to run on
> > it.  That's not particularly easy for anyone, but the alternative is for
> > activity developers to wait until next year when OLPC comes out, and
> > _then_ start developing.  If people want to get a head-start, then there
> > is going to be a certain amount of flux and pain; that's the choice.
>   Well, I don't think I mentioned, asked or suggested that kind of
> ideal but unrealistic things.
> > OLPC also needs the software to be successful, and to that end, shafting
> > activity developers makes no sense.  We need to do better here.  But
> > those of you developing for the platform already have much more input
> > and much more technical influence and involvement in the direction OLPC
> > takes than if we dropped a ready made platform over the wall.
>   Thank you!
> -- Yoshiki

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