[sugar] COMIC-like open source font?

Alan Kay alan.kay
Sat Dec 16 09:05:00 EST 2006

Thanks Ivan!

I had found Blambot, but wasn't sure that the 
fonts from them were "free and open enough" for OLPC. I guess these are?




At 05:39 AM 12/16/2006, Ivan Krsti?? wrote:
>Alan Kay wrote:
> > Anyone know offhand of a free high quality font that is like COMIC MS?
>Go to http://bancomicsans.com, laugh, then click 'fonts' in the
>navigation sidebar. (Note that the resulting page has more than 3 fonts;
>they're just paginated alphabetically.)
>Ivan Krsti?? <krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu> | GPG: 0x147C722D

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