[sugar] OLPC - Brazil

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Wed Dec 13 14:09:15 EST 2006

Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira wrote:
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>  Hi all
>  I from Brazil.
>  I am student (M.Sc.) at UFRJ - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro -
> Brazil. We are interested in contributing with the OLPC Project.
>  I have a teacher, he works with research in games and colaborative tools.
>  How we can collaborate?

Hi Rodrigo,

we would certainly welcome contributions on sugar.

Have a look to the HIG document to get an idea of what we are building:

I think implementing this is going to be one of the major challenges for 
the laptop and we welcome external help.

See my post about helping out with sugar:

I think fixing  tickets would be a good start for a contributor, to get 
familiar with the codebase. Implementing any of the features in the HIG 
would be cool too.

We are also on the #sugar channel on freenode IRC, if you want to chat 
about it.


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