[sugar] Runtime problems on Ubuntu edgy (6.10)

Mike Hunter mhunter
Sat Dec 9 18:45:36 EST 2006

On Dec 09 at 09:21, "Tomeu Vizoso" wrote:

> abiword-olpc is where the abi activity is. It depends on pyabiword, the
> python bindings for abiword. And libabiword is really the full abiword,
> configured to compile in a shared library.

Ah HA, thanks.

> So, to compile the abiword activity you should do: "./sugar-jhbuild
> buildone libabiword pyabiword abiword-olpc".

I tried that but I'm currently getting:

*** Building libabiword *** [1/1]

Building AbiSuite with
make ABI_ROOT=/home/mhunter/sugar-jhbuild/source/libabiword -C src
make[1]: Entering directory

    I can't seem to figure out which platform you are using.

I can see that message in abi_defs.mk...lo and behold there's no LINUX
in the case statement that determines the platform :(  So it falls
through to that error message and "exit 1"'s.

I tried hacking the file but I'm not having success yet

make[5]: Entering directory `/home/mhunter/sugar-jhbuild/source/wv'
Makefile.abi: No such file or directory

> That said, I think there's going on right now some deep development on
> this components, so probably any of them is not going to run or even
> compile in some moment. Perhaps Justin can comment in this aspect.

Cool, I'll keep my eyes peeled.



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