[SoaS] [Marketing] SoaS 3 (Mirabelle) release 5/25 & publicity/recruitment plans

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Tue May 25 11:23:49 EDT 2010


There are soooo many things I would like to add to this conversation (from the educator's perspective). But there is another, more important issue I would like to address, recruitment of developers and other talent.

I have been watching with fascination the wonderful progress the folks in Uruguay (Plan Ceibal) have been making with software development through the use of "jams."  The latest one recruited not only developers but also educators, graphic artists, and all sorts of creative people.  They continue to work online with ideas started at the jam that they will address more fully in their next one.

So here is my BGO (Blazing Glimpse of the Obvious)... jams work there. They chould also work elsewhere.  So, here is my humble offering of an idea...

There are many open source events held around the world throughout the year. I have twice attended, presented and "done" a booth one such event, SCaLE, (Southern California Linux Expo) which occurs near LAX in March.  Hundreds of developers and other techie folk gather for 3 days of fun and idea exchange.

Why not create a portable "jam kit" that could be used to put on "Sugar Jams" at events like this?  These would not only serve as a powerful recruiting tool, but also to acquaint more people with Sugar, Sugar Labs and what it is all about.

I wish I had more time to explain and expand on this idea right now, but I have other things I must to do this morning.  Perhaps you guys can run with it. Perhaps you will have questions, perhaps you will want to look at some of the emails on the olpc-Uruguay list.

Anyway, FWIW, this could have several positive effects.

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