[SoaS] [Sugar-devel] Deja-Dup (duplicity) as a way to backup-restore Soas Mirabelle Home directory

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Sun May 16 14:30:36 EDT 2010


Will you make a  .xo or rpm of your backup for standalone instances of Soas?

deja-dup, when aimed to a 2nd USB, seems to restore both the 
/usr/share/sugar/activities and /home/liveuser/Activities
to the condition they were in when backed up.

I have deleted entries in both and they were restored, after rebooting 
the stick.

deja-dup does not appear to touch the journal entries, and is very 
efficient in it's use of the 4GB USB I am using for backup.

I am still testing....

Tom Gilliard

My main question is:

How would I convert it to a .xo file?
Is there a reference I should consult?

I am running from the command line now.

Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> El Sat, 15-05-2010 a las 14:00 -0700, Thomas C Gilliard escribió:
>> I just backed up and then restored the home directory of my f13 RC3 soas 
>> spin  4GB USB to a 2nd 4 GB USB.
>> * looks like it worked. Still testing.
>> # yum install duplicity
>> # yum install deja-dup
>> http://live.gnome.org/DejaDup
>> https://launchpad.net/deja-dup
> We also have a schoolserver based backup procedure already in place. See
> the ds-backup-client package made by OLPC.
> At ParaguayEduca we also developed a control panel icon to perform
> manual backups and restores. We've also started to look at a procedure
> to make the contents of the journal accessible through links in the
> Documents folder. The opposite could also be done.
> Additionally, Uruguay extended the Journal to backup and restore to USB
> sticks. During this release cycle, we'll work to merge these changes
> with ours into a consistent UI.
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