[SoaS] Weekly status report - Mon 12/04/10

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Fri May 7 07:37:15 EDT 2010

=====TESTING Mirabelle 507======

4GB Lexar Jumpdrive Firefly
./livecd-iso-to-disk  --format --reset-mbr --overlay-size-mb 1200 
/home/xxxxt/Desktop/soas-i386-20100507.02.iso /dev/sdg*
ACER Aspire One

Much Faster...

Works Well/ All shipped activities seem to work
Presence service works wired and wireless
Chat does not take title and transmit it to Neighborhood
Write seems to only like 6 characters in title (they are carried to 
neighborhood display)

Mirabelle "sugar: splash only lasts 1 sec (should be longer or not used)
before Circle graphic start up
TA(Turtle Blocks 87) has new BOLD icon

Control Panel:
No Keyboard (Does not respond to click)
New icon for update which works
write works fine Font Size and Colors work.
 Only Times New Roman Type available
 saved as  .txt .RTF .HTML
read does not open .txt files from Journal
   opens .RTF and .HTML fine

liveinst(Anaconda) works-new graphics...
 note must reformat 4GB USB Target by deleting default fat 32  partition
 (installer crashes if try to use fat32)
 make custom; /boot 200 ext4 ; /  balance ext4;  no swap
 End up with installed ext4 real fs USB....

 >Boot from this ext4 USB now have gdm login and user
ewverything seems to wor here.
Note: Keyboard works in real installed USB?
Very Nice.

Thanks Peter, Sebastian, and everyone who got this going!

Tom Gilliard

Peter Robinson wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sorry for my lack of response over the last week. I've been on
> holidays and tried to stay offline as much as possible.
> I think I've now caught up on most of the backlog of emails and other bits.
> New points from the last week or so:
> - New Record release 66. It should be appearing in nightly before
> long. For those that want to test _NOW_ you can do a
> ' rpm -Uvh http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/packages/sugar-record/66/1.fc13/noarch/sugar-record-66-1.fc13.noarch.rpm'
> Please report success/failures
> - All the final releases of sugar 0.88 should now be in the nightly
> build so please test
> - Problems with latest nightly builds. I'm downloading the current one
> as I write this and will be testing it this evening. More detailed
> reports welcome.
> Can others please update by replying to this mail with any updates
> either good or bad they have for me please.
> Regards,
> Peter
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