[SoaS] Toaster project FYI: making soas Bluebery usb with XO-1 running bernie's 140py software and liveusb-creator

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Wed May 5 09:15:01 EDT 2010


I have a G1G1 XO-1:

If you run bernie's 140py software:
You need security key and MUST disable security before install.
(f11 Gnome plus sugar)
switch into gnome and
in terminal:

yum install live-usb-creator

you can make a soas live usb with this program called from the terminal
1-)target 2 GB usb fat 16 boot flag set
2-2nd 2 GB USB with soas.iso source: (I used)

It is slow but it makes a USB which will boot the XO-1 into Blueberry If 
the USB is in the slot on when powered on.
(It seems to have specific XO-1 boot settings.)

(I have not been able to enable persistence yet.)


About My Computer:
SoasS Release 2 (Blueberry)
*connects wirelessly to jabber and sees others in the neighborhood
*Update works correctly and upgrades activities
*IRC tries to connect but crashes  (Security?)
*Browse works fine and connects to wiki
*Get IA Books works
* Many applications available and installed....
runs normally : )

Tom Gilliard

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