[SoaS] Problem with Mirabelle and USB Boot

Marc Karasek marckarasek at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 10:54:59 EDT 2010

I am trying to put together some sticks for shipping to Uganda.

I am using the latest usb creater and image (Mirabelle Fedora13)

I followed the instructions, but when I tested the sticks on a notebook, 
I got the error:
no root device found
sleeping forever

In following a few google links, this seems to be lined to the root= and 
overlay= options on the kernel cmd line.
I looked at what the default was and it had a UUID# in both of these 

I named the stick FEDORA (I remembered this used to be part of the 
instructions in the past), changed the cmd line to
root=LABEL=FEDORA and overlay=LABEL=FEDORA and it worked.

The problem is I need to make this foolproof, I do not need them to be 
having to edit cmd lines each time they boot.  (The place it is going 
they have never seen a computer, so it has to be foolproof).

Should I just change the name of the USB stick to match the UUID# or is 
this a bug in the image?


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