[SoaS] [soas] modified browse index.html works in a live soas USB as "start new" screen on sugar-browse

Martin Dengler martin at martindengler.com
Mon Jun 14 12:40:47 EDT 2010

This is textbook passive-agressive "teamwork".  Stop it.  Tom, you
need to do more to get this into SoaS.

Peter implied "you do it" when he said "Let me know if you'd like some
help getting this packaged".

Tom said "you do it" when he said "Thanks for your help on this" and
"Another thing that has to happen before we go any farther".

I think this is going to lead to frustration unless:

1) Tom does it (though he seems to me to be asking for help)
2) Peter does it (though he seems to imply that Tom needs to do it)
3) Someone else steps up to do it (though they will have to interpret
the two communicant's implications about who is going to do what


PS - I think the right thing to do is that someone who cares about
this feature should do the work being requested by the maintainers:

1) get it accepted as a SoaS Feature
2) get it packed in Fedora

Tom, I think that's you.  You need to either do those or ask more
pointed questions; for example: 0) Peter, what more do you need from
me for this to be a SoaS Feature; 1) Peter, is this HTML good enough
for SoaS?; and 2) Peter, how can I learn about rpm packaging.  Note
that I think all of these things you had been told (#0) or can learn
for yourself (#1/#2).
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