[SoaS] Activities and Features for SoaS V4

John Tierney jtis4stx at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 4 13:11:32 EDT 2010

Hello All,

I am trying to figure out upcoming schedule for SoaS V4. From my reading
of Fedora 14 release schedule which from my new understanding applies
directly to the next Sugar on a Stick release the two upcoming dates that
are super important are:

2010-07-13     Feature Submission Deadline


2010-07-27     Feature
 Freeze--Planning & Development Ends

Do all Activities and Features we might want to include have to be
identified by July 13th?

What shape or state of workability must these activities or features be in
to be included?

What is the process and what is allowed between July 13th and Feature Freeze on
July 27th.

I am pushing these questions to the list now because this opportunity was missed
in the maze of multiple communication threads last time around.

Have we done the job to alert Activity Developers Maintainers that their activities must
be in a specific state to be part of SoaS V4.?

If we answer the information is in the Wik iand in the SoaS threads, I think we are falling short
in the area of engaging and successful communication. In a few recent threads I have been pushing 
the developer/coding side to begin to offer visuals of the processes they use and adhere to because 
many of less tech-oriented simply don't understand the process and get more confused bouncing around 
multiple wiki's trying to put puzzle together. 

These visuals will create very strong recruiting tools for those of us involved in Facilitation and Outreach. 
I would happily do it myself but I simply don't understand the technical processes or inter-relationships involved, 
precisely why these visuals are needed. 

If we can stop for a moment and capture much of what we are doing in this visual sense
we will make it enormously easier for people to join and actively participate in the community.

We must always remember the Key contributor we are trying to get on board is the Elementary
Teacher and Students. There time is Scarce-it is up to us to present our information in a way
that takes into account that reality.  If we take a little extra time to save them time the
ability to get Sugar into the hands of more Children will be served well.


John Tierney

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