[SoaS] Thank you for a great meeting today at OSCON (Portland Or.) Preliminary list of ideas:

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Wed Jul 21 23:01:43 EDT 2010


Just got back to Bend.(7:15PM)

Thank you for a great meeting!


Tom Gilliard

I will cogitate on our discussion and try write a list of "ideas" Here 
are a few that pop to mind:

* 1-)I think that I will detail the steps I use to make a remix and 
maybe put it on the wiki. ( know sdz has his version already and do not 
want to interfere with it, but I personally found it hard to 

* 2-)Your ideas on remix submissions from users as an extension of Soas 
V4 are great.
- Letting a teacher submit a list of applications and have the .ks file 
be returned to him/her by e-mail after check out is a great Idea

*3-) Hosting Remixes: how about sourceforge? ( I could not remember its 
- here are listings hosted for OpenSuse-edu: (Cyberorg set this up)
-- http://sourceforge.net/projects/opensuse-edu/files/Sugar/
-- http://sourceforge.net/projects/opensuse-edu/files/

*4-) Maybe have a listing on the wiki of the "Best 10 Remixes" and maybe 
a a fixed set similar to:
 >prebuilt remix images with keyboard and languages set for most used 
 >plus spins directed (for example) towards:
+young kid to 6 th grade
+6-12th grade  Socialcalc-5 Physics 4 Oo4Kids words-4
+e-books  Get I A Books-6 (Firefox-6 ?)
+Revive the EDU spin Gnome/sugar
+a version with a flash (Gnash?) for social exchanges on web (Firefox-6 ?)

* 5-)Generating an .img or .raw file of a non compressed version of Soas 
as part of the Nightly-Composes:
- 1. for dd to USB in terminal (because of the ext3 file system there 
would be persistence by default)
- 2. Develop a graphical liveusb-creator to write a ext3 structured USB 
which expands to fit the USB size: ie: 4/8/16 GB (or a USB Hard Drive of 
250-or 500GB size)

--This can be done with gparted resize/move function on a unmounted USB 
Stick I used it with Bernie's Direct-Blueberry:

*6-)Here is the link I said I would send that I use to install livecd-tools:


Clipped from page:

"To create a live image, the *livecd-creator* tool is used. Super user 
privileges are needed. The tool is more or less self-documenting, use 
the /--help/ option to see options.

The *livecd-creator* tool is part of the |livecd-tools| package. If it 
is not installed on your system, add it with:

su -c 'yum install livecd-tools spin-kickstarts'

If you are interested in localized live cd files, install also 

Unfortunately this installs files in /usr/share/spin-kickstarts which 
requires root access to edit. Not easy for a Teacher to re-spin her own .iso

one has to open gedit from root terminal to edit and save the .ks files

I use this entry in terminal to build in a booted USB 500GB HD with 
f14(rawhide) installed.

livecd-creator \
--config=/usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-livecd-soas.ks \
--fslabel=Soas-v4-07142010--LiveCD --cache=/var/cache/live


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