[SoaS] Call for Testers: LiveUSB Creator on other Distributions

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Wed Jul 21 07:23:29 EDT 2010

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 12:21 PM, andrew brookes
<andybrookestar at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Hi
> i have followed couple of posts and noted that it seems there is a slight
> problem with the fedora installer and Mirabelle onto a usb stick. Just to
> mention that using Zenwalk Linux and unetbootin , mirabelle installed a
> treat on a 2gig stick, also with mirabelle running it managed to connect to
> the IRC freenode chat page, with the pc connected to Ethernet.

It would be nice for you to actually fill in the details of the "slight
problem" with the fedora installer.

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