[SoaS] EU language requirements for SoaS

pbrobinson at gmail.com pbrobinson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 16:23:31 EDT 2010

Hey Sean,

During the SoaS-3 retrospective you agreed that you would do the
Feature request for the EU language requirements and I agreed I would
implement the technical side of the it. So the feature freeze for
SoaS-4 (and the feature being in a mostly implemented and testable
state) is July 27th which gives the two of us less than 3 weeks to get
this in a reasonable state. The problem is that I know very little
about EU commission accepted languages (queue jokes about Australians
and languages other than English) other than I believe they are all
Latin or Greek based and hence should have reasonable support already
in upstream Fedora and we'll not need to deal with issues like Right
to Left support. What is the state of this feature request so I know
whether I need to keep it on my already massively busy schedule for


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