[SoaS] rt2x00 firmware

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 17:26:27 EST 2010

>>> It might be legally OK for Fedora, but it is not free software.
>>> I think you should not distribute or even recommend it.
>> That might well be the case but it is also the case for just about all
>> wireless drivers including the one used in the XO.
> I didn't know the XO required non-free drivers. Where can I find more
> details on this?

It requires a firmware to be loaded, which you can get from the link
below. The license is listed as "Redistributable, no modification
permitted". So I don't see that its any worse than the intel, or a
number of other wifi devices. Thinking back I did know about the ath5k
and ath9k and the broadcom but in all of those cases its only been in
very recent times that has become the case, and the broadcom firmware
still only works on a very narrow range of those devices (eg it
doesn't work with Dell's Education Netbook.



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