[SoaS] how to edit the sugar XoIRC application to autologon to different channels on startup..

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Fri Feb 26 22:07:58 EST 2010


As the Autlogon checkbox on the tab of XoIRC does not work, I have 
discovered a method to change the autologon channels on the XoIRC 
application in sugar:
This was done on an installation of f12-edu to a 250GB USB HD ( gnome+sugar)
but should work for Blueberry soas also.

1-)log into sugar with gdm
2-)download XoIRC from ASLO with browse. This creates the Activities 
subdirectory if it is not already present.
3-)in terminal  enter gedit then open and edit the file ircactivity.py 
in .../Activities/IRC.activity subdirectory. (I had previously installed 
gedit with yum install.)
4_add "client.add-channel ('sugar') "lines with the different #channels 
inside quotes that you want to open on startup, Then save the changed file.

 Now autologon to those channels works on startup.

Tom Gilliard

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