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Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Sat Feb 6 13:05:36 EST 2010

As zyx-liveinstaller and livinst both crash on startup of the snapshot 
soas-3-20091228.iso ,

I have devised a workaround to install it on a LiveUSB.
This as, a byproduct, provides a method to Create a Installer USB 
containing liveusb-creator which will install different .iso files from 
a CD.

This raises the possibility of including liveusb-creator on the next 
snapshot as an install method as it only sees USB Drives.
I tested the download button on the right side of the graphical window. 
It took a 8GB SD to complete a download of the strawberry.iso to the 
journal (4GB stopped at 42%). However there was no way to see it in 
liveusb-creator. Thus the CD with the .iso file. That is seen fine in 
the select file button. This works....

Tom Gilliard

Another Method to Make Multiple Live USB's
===========Make Installer USB========================
1_)use soas-2-blueberry CD to make 4GB or Better 8GB Live USB with 

First boot from soas-2-blueberry CD
In Terminal:
-install to fat 16 or fat 32 USB
-choose / and /boot as same /dev/sd(x)* Be sure it is your USB not your 
Hard Disk!

*(hint in terminal: enter "gparted" and look at the available HD and USB 
and note name you want to use. Exit gparted)

============Use liveusb-creator to make new Live USB========
2-)Boot from USB made with zyx-liveinstaller
In terminal:
-su -
-root #
-yum install liveusb-creator
-(13 files 22MB will download)
3-) Insert CD containing soas xxxxx.iso  (note this is .iso not Burned 
CD from .iso)
4-) Insert 2nd USB stick to use to make LiveUSB (format: fat16, factory 
stock formatting)
In terminal:
-select correct USB (usually 1 letter higher than your boot USB)
-ie: if Booted USB is /dev/sda target USB will be /dev/sdb
-select to find CD with .iso file
-move slider to desired perisitence file size
-start making USB
exit from running USB and then boot New USB you just created!

I used this method to install soas-3-20091228.iso on a stick
.iso does not need to be the same version as are on Installer USB

Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
> Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> by popular request, there's now a Sugar on a Stick snapshot with the
>> latest Sugar development release available. Please note that this
>> snapshot is already part of our way to Sugar on a Stick v3.
>> It's still based on F12 for stability reasons, though (this will change
>> in the development cycle). But it incorporates already a number of
>> significant changes which are part of the change to the SoaS v3 builds.
> Before somebody beats me to it: I'm aware that this build features a... 
> er, hot-dog on the boot screen. This is /not/ a delayed Christmas 
> present, though. Rather, it's a consequence of using strictly only 
> packages that are currently in Fedora for this snapshot. This also 
> affects the number of present activities.
> I want everybody to be aware that this is *very* early in the 
> development cycle. Please don't report bugs on each missing activity, 
> but help us packaging it. Expect more to come on that front, soon.
> --Sebastian
>> The build is available here:
>> http://download.sugarlabs.org/soas/snapshots/3/soas-3-20091228.iso
>> Please follow the Blueberry instructions to put it on your flash drive.
>> You can even run it on your XO-1 from a flash drive (NAND installation
>> possibilities are being evaluated) by using liveusb-creator.
>> Afterwards, plug it into your XO-1 and type: "boot u:\boot\olpc.fth"
>> However, a known issue is (on the XO-1 only) that the X session tends to
>> crash when trying to scroll. Help with debugging this would be very welcome.
>> Thanks and happy testing!
>> --Sebastian
>> P.S.: Enjoy your holidays!
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