[SoaS] Sugar on a Stick v2 Blueberry is GOLD

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Thu Dec 3 16:21:58 EST 2009

Hi everybody,

I'm happy to announce that Sugar on a Stick v2 Blueberry has reached its 
final state. No further changes will be made at this point and mainline 
will be branched off in GIT.

Efforts will focus on documentation from now on, with the goal to make 
the upcoming launch as successful as possible. The current release 
notes, which might not yet work, are available here:


Thanks everybody, who joined over the time, making this release great!

For those of you attending FUDCon, we might have an early surprise.

Discussion on changes for SoaS v3 will start soon, however, the dust 
from the upcoming Blueberry launch should settle first.


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