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<SeanDaly>     hi... anyone here?
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<sdziallas>     :)
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<SeanDaly>     Hi JT4Sugar!
<JT4sugar>     hi
<SeanDaly>     Walter? Caroline?
* SeanDaly     hanging out a couple more minutes
<SeanDaly>     #startmeeting
<SeanDaly>     I guess that server is still ill ;-)
<SeanDaly>     does anyone know how to log a session in ChatZilla?
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<garycmartin>     SeanDaly: Hi, I'm almost on time today :-)
<SeanDaly>     garycmartin: you're right on time!
<SeanDaly>     does anyone know how to log the session?
<SeanDaly>     I gather the usual logger is on the blink
<garycmartin>     if it's working #startmeeting
<SeanDaly>     #startmeeting
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<SeanDaly>     i may be able to copy/paste everything from the ChatZilla window
<SeanDaly>     I am hoping Caroline makes it because she wanted to
discuss outreach to journalists about GPA
<garycmartin>     SeanDaly: copy/paste +1 thats what I could do here
with IRC Activity.
<SeanDaly>     Top of mind for me though is the Software Freedom Day
press release
<SeanDaly>     deadline is either tonight or tomorrow night...
depending if we want PR published Friday (day before) or Monday (2
days after)
<SeanDaly>     I think day before is better :-)
<bernie>     SeanDaly: ciao!
<bernie>     SeanDaly: I have to poke dogi to restore the meetbot
<SeanDaly>     I promised everyone including Walter and Peter Brown i
would have a draft ready yesterday, didn't make it (had to work on my
son's new desk)
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<SeanDaly>     bernie: don't let the dogi bite if you poke too hard
<SeanDaly>     some background about this PR:
<bernie>     lo
<SeanDaly>     we want to redress the damage done by the FSF with the
ill-informed Windows7Sins.org article (since pulled)
<bernie>     SeanDaly: indeed
<SeanDaly>     we can also combat OLPC misperceptions which have
become critical, cf. incredibly bad UNDispatch blog post
<SeanDaly>     we also want to take an opportunity to call for more
FOSS developers
<SeanDaly>     from a marketing standpoint, it's helpful for us to
remind everyone we use free software since that is a differentiator
<SeanDaly>     Commercial software can't claim that
<SeanDaly>     garycmartin: have you had a chance to try a hand at
"sugar boots"? no rush I am overbooked myself
<SeanDaly>     bernie: I've been thinking it might be useful to get a
quote from you for the press release
<SeanDaly>     e.g.: "As part of ongoing relationship, B., a Sugar
Labs Oversight Board member, will be working with the FSF for X
<garycmartin>     SeanDaly: "sugar boot", no sorry not yet. It is on
my todo list (0.86 release has me swamped)
<SeanDaly>     garycmartin: no rush me too swamped
<SeanDaly>     On another subject, I saw that 300 XO-1.5 B2 prototypes
will be rolling off the line tomorrow.
* SeanDaly     wondering if bernie saw my question
<caroline>     hi, I'm almost there
<SeanDaly>     ah hi caroline glad you could be here
<caroline>     on the phone with Curwiki.
<caroline>     be there in 5 minutes
<SeanDaly>     caroline: ok
<SeanDaly>     bernie: yoo hoo, you here?
<garycmartin>     SeanDaly: something bright and shiny must have
distracted him ;-)
<SeanDaly>     garycmartin: the dogi bit him on the hand
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<SeanDaly>     I have asked eReleases if they can offer us the
cut-rate nonprofit tarif beyond tonight's deadline for Friday
<caroline>     sorry
<caroline>     I'm here now
<caroline>     what it the press release going out today?
<SeanDaly>     caroline: normal deadline for cut rate is tonight for
Friday distribution
<SeanDaly>     I forgot the 18th falls on a Saturday, dead press day (weekend)
<caroline>     what is the topic?
<SeanDaly>     Software Freedom Day, joint PR with the FSF
<SeanDaly>     several objectives: put right windows7sins.org damage,
<caroline>     ah cool
<SeanDaly>     recruitment: remind developers we need more, and talented ones,
<SeanDaly>     also differentiate ourselves from commercial software -
we can be committed to far more open than they can
<caroline>     thanks sorry to be late
<caroline>     whats the next steps for us in this meeting on this topic?
<SeanDaly>     I need to submit a draft to the team and Walter and
Peter brown, ED of FSF; I am late
<tomeu>     SeanDaly: do you need a list of the technical profiles we need?
<SeanDaly>     Hi tomeu: yes please
<tomeu>     SeanDaly: only technical?
<SeanDaly>     caroline: right after we can discuss what would you
like to do for GPA
<tomeu>     developers, testers, bug triagers, etc?
<SeanDaly>     tomeu: well, do we have most pressing needs?
<SeanDaly>     I'm not expecting wide pickup of this campaign, but i
want it to be effective in reaching developers
<tomeu>     SeanDaly: not sure, I take care of the technical part ;)
<tomeu>     SeanDaly: I send it to iaep and people comment and add at will, ok?
<SeanDaly>     I have structured it like this: joint PR with FSF and
hopefully FSFE and FSFLA
<SeanDaly>     On the same day, publication of a piece by Walter on an
influential blog
<caroline>     I'm ok with focusing on technical only for this press
release. At this point even doing a pilot takes a pretty technical
person and they need to be in the community for a while. So I think
adverstising for technical people in this press release also works
towards the goal of more SoaS pilots.
<SeanDaly>     What we can't fit in the PR can be brought up by Walter
in his essay
<SeanDaly>     caroline: we will of course mention SoaS
<SeanDaly>     what can we say about it?
<caroline>     Sean, my point actually is we don't need to mention it.
If we bring in the people with skills and they work with us, then they
can do local pilots.
<SeanDaly>     For continuity's sake we should at least mention the
GPA pilot, since it was in our last PR
<SeanDaly>     remember that many journalists, pressed for time, form
a quick picture of an org by reading previous press releases
<caroline>     I think SoaS is part of our Get Sugar and try it now message .
<SeanDaly>     caroline: well, we can be smart :-)
<SeanDaly>     and say something like
<caroline>     Shall we also mention Simon's pilot? and create the
feeling that pilots are popping up?
<SeanDaly>     "Our ongoing pilot project at GPA has shown us the
importance of frontline technical help"
<SeanDaly>     caroline: yes that's an excellent idea
<caroline>     and we also want to create the feeling that technical
people are directly helping kids.
<caroline>     "Bill Bogstad" was awesome last week in helping us get
computers ready for the GPA.
<SeanDaly>     we can put in something like "it's a technical
challenge to fit a whole system on a USB stick, but..."
<garycmartin>     SeanDaly: That kinda sugests things went badly and
we're looking for help desk staff.
<caroline>     It would be nice if techies thought, wow, I have the
skills to really help kids directly.
<SeanDaly>     garycmartin: good point... the idea is to find phrases
which will help us garner contributors
<caroline>     In the GPA pilot technical people have worked in the
classroom to collect good data for developers to improve Sugar.
<caroline>     they have also worked with schools to prepare donated
comptuers for use with Sugar Sticks and to make Sugar work effectively
on a wide variety of hardware.
<caroline>     For instance creating a boothelper that works on a Floppy disk.
<caroline>     does that help?
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<SeanDaly>     caroline: I like those - very very helpful. Gets geeks
thinking how they could help, that maybe they could resuscitate an old
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<caroline>     Geeks have added memory from one old machine to another
making it faster.
<SeanDaly>     caroline: that's a good example of what geeks can do in
their sleep but would be challenging for many teachers
<caroline>     yes and helping collect log data for bug reports.
<caroline>     i think thats all I got on that one shall we move onto
GPA specific press?
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<tomeu>     SeanDaly: wrote this up, may need to be condensed further:
<tomeu>     preferred that over a plain list of acronyms because that
way people can make an idea of what the work would be
<SeanDaly>     tomeu: it's great!
<tomeu>     not sure about the scratch bit, but I think we really need
something like that
<tomeu>     can have even bigger impact than ASLO
<SeanDaly>     OK to wrap up this topic I await a response from
eReleases and will post a draft on GoogleDocs in the next few hours
<caroline>     Our goals - 1. Get donated computers, 2. Get doanted
USB sticks. 3. Raise awareness and set the stage for other
schools/districts to be interested.
<caroline>     GPA related press goals
<SeanDaly>     tomeu: scratch has a following outside of Sugar, and
has an MIT connection which works for us too
<SeanDaly>     caroline: ok are you oriented towards Boston area only?
would make sense
<tomeu>     and we share several users
<caroline>     yes, I think we need to do a round of local press.
* SeanDaly     wondering if bernie is around
<caroline>     Resources - We have the article the BU grad wrote and
we have 2 videos from the summer and we have money for press releases.
<SeanDaly>     caroline: probably the best bet, since it is local, is
a direct mailing targeting Boston area publications
<caroline>     and we have an intern to help, David Han.
<caroline>     What we need is a plan.
<caroline>     Sean, what do we put in the mailing?
<SeanDaly>     caroline: if you have money & help for press release,
we can do that too but what might be better is I step back and
"advise" you on that - devise a plan and you & David do it?
<caroline>     is this an emailing or a physical mailing?
<caroline>     Sean, yeah exactly. Tell us what to do, review our work.
<SeanDaly>     i would say emailing, since that's how all journalists
work these days
<caroline>     and it doesn't cost money. :)
<SeanDaly>     However, if I may say so, for "hyperlocal" i think you
should pitch to TV stations
<caroline>     and local newspapers.
<SeanDaly>     We don't have any broadcast media on our mailing list
except for the BBBC and some other big media groups (IT/tech beat),
<caroline>     I think even a few aritcles in the Winchester and
Newton newspapers might well get us all the computers we need.
<caroline>     But I'm stuck on what to put in the email.
<SeanDaly>     for something like this where a journalist,
photographer, or TV crew can hop in a car to get there we should pitch
to all of them
<SeanDaly>     caroline: "breathlessness"
<SeanDaly>     caroline: "without hyperventilating"
<caroline>     you;ve lost me
<SeanDaly>     let me explain :-)
<SeanDaly>     Local broadcast media and newspapers are always looking
for something offbeat in the community, something interesting not
<SeanDaly>     "breathlessness" = "something exciting is happening
right under your noses, come check it out"
<caroline>     nod
<SeanDaly>     A possible angle: we worked all summer on the pilot...
but the excitement level from learners, teachers and parents is such
that we are in full swing now that school is back in session
<caroline>     did you see the article the girl from BU just wrote?
<SeanDaly>     I'm not saying go beyond the truth (which you know far
better than I, you are there), but
<SeanDaly>     trigger reaction in editors - "hey we have to go see this"
<caroline>     Sugar Labs.doc
<SeanDaly>     do you have a link to BU article?
<caroline>     I emailed it to you
<caroline>     let me put it up on google docs..
<caroline>     http://docs.google.com/View?id=dddknwgs_468fstsvjf2
<caroline>     I'll stop publishing when the meeting is over.
<SeanDaly>     Great news, eReleases has graciously agreed to extend
our deadline to tomorrow 7PM EDT!
<caroline>     :)
<caroline>     Ok, so what I understand sofaris we need to put
together an email and send it to local TV and newspapers.
<SeanDaly>     Wow that BU article is great
<caroline>     how do we use it?
<SeanDaly>     caroline: yes
<SeanDaly>     caroline: I gather it's not available online?
<caroline>     its not published. She wrote it and gave it to us.
<caroline>     She is a recent grad without much of a job and a friend
asked her to do it.
<caroline>     Its sorta up to us to get it published and/or use it to
get other people to write about us.
<SeanDaly>     caroline: in that case... we need to place it!
<SeanDaly>     Unfortunately I have no direct knowledge of Boston area media
<SeanDaly>     However, it's possible eReleases could advise us on a
local campaign
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<caroline>     if you can explain what to do I bet David Han can do it.
<caroline>     I have to imagine at a minunmum the Winchester Star and
Newton's local paper would run it.
<caroline>     but I don't understand how it works.
<SeanDaly>     OK caroline what timeframe are we looking at? i am
underwater with my move
<caroline>     Do they have to run it as is or can they use it somehow
to base their own story and add onto ti.
<caroline>     We need computers to start showing up within the next
month or two.
<caroline>     sooner better. So we can get them into kids homes in
the 4th grade.
<SeanDaly>     caroline: depends on the publication. Some will accept
"stringer" (freelance) articles. In that case it should be the author,
not you, contacting them.
<caroline>     I dont think the author is going to do that.
<SeanDaly>     caroline: OK, perhaps the angle to take is a call for help
<tomeu>     hi meeting
<SeanDaly>     In that scenario, the BU article merely needs to be
published on a blog somewhere
<caroline>     What is the best case scenario.
<SeanDaly>     then, a printscreen of it with the URL joins the "presskit"
<caroline>     It seems to me that we should be able to get the BU
newspaper and the Winchester Star to do whatever we want if we ask
them to. Maybe the Allston Tab too.
<SeanDaly>     If you count fewer than say 10 or 15 media outlets for
the hyperlocal coverage, a snailmail presskit might do the trick
<caroline>     cause we are so incredibly hyper local.
<SeanDaly>     it's an advantage - local media love to find that
something cool is happening in the backyard
<caroline>     should we start small and build up? or should we go for
a wide audiance and not let the little local papers get the scoup?
<SeanDaly>     You can refer to the previous PR as a springboard and
of course mention that the Strawberry launch was covered by the BBC
<SeanDaly>     caroline: wide audience in Boston you mean?
<caroline>     yes Boston Globe, Boston TV station is wide.
<caroline>     Little paper for a little suburb, small.
<caroline>     but gives us a website to point to.
<caroline>     So I think I'm asking whats the best that could happen?
what is an optomistic path to try to take?
<caroline>     cause I feel like we have a strong story.
<SeanDaly>     caroline: no doubt the story is very strong
<SeanDaly>     My recommendation would be a simultaneous snailmail +
emailing to the media outlets, coupled with a press release
<SeanDaly>     Since you have David to help you
<SeanDaly>     How many days does the post office usually take for
local business mail?
<caroline>     2 days
<SeanDaly>     the idea is, you send snailmail presskit with photos 2
days before press release + emailing
<SeanDaly>     Next step which David can do: very important: try to
find a candidate beat reporter for each publication
<SeanDaly>     ideally, the education beat reporter, but
<SeanDaly>     the tech beat reporter otherwise
<SeanDaly>     this can require research; as a method, i would suggest:
<SeanDaly>     1) list the publications and media outlets
<caroline>     I see the advantage of this, I guess I'm wondering is
it worth our time right now or should we go for an easier appraoch and
save this for a couple months from now when we'll have more to show.
<SeanDaly>     2) search their websites or archives for education
stories, in particular OLPC
<caroline>     It seems like this is several weeks or research. Vs
just calling a few places now and getting something published within 2
<SeanDaly>     3) find names of reporters or editors, then check if
they are still there (e.g. recent story); you'll know whom to send to
<caroline>     it does sound like research we need to do anyway.
<caroline>     but I wonder if we should try to jump start somethig.
<SeanDaly>     caroline: well... efficient online work could be done
in like 3 days
<caroline>     I also have David Han doing grant proposals and he only
works 10 hours a week.
<SeanDaly>     start by searching local media for OLPC keyword, you'll
find beat reporters quick
<SeanDaly>     TV sttations will want to see images... photos can be
in snailmail presskit, but online presskit maybe better
<SeanDaly>     You may want online presskit through password though
especially if lots of photos of kids (rights question)
<caroline>     Ok, so how much do I lose by going to 3 or 4 small
outlets that I think will say yes this week and doing the larger
project in a month or two?
<caroline>     It sounds like a lot of prep work.
<SeanDaly>     a word about emailing: not with attachments
<SeanDaly>     actually preparing a campaign involves lots of planning
<SeanDaly>     and, better to roll the dice all together rather than
an article here, an article there
<SeanDaly>     When we are lucky (like with Strawberry launch), 2
positive articles coincide and everyone picks it up and there is buzz
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<caroline>     right, but I need my computers now. and I won't have
good pics of kids using Sugar for months.
<SeanDaly>     Also long-term positive effects; editors make mental
note of your existence and contact you sometimes months later
<SeanDaly>     caroline: if no pics, here are some suggestions:
<SeanDaly>     1) beautiful screenshots
<SeanDaly>     2) the SoaS beauty shot (4 sticks)
<SeanDaly>     3) photo looking over kids' shoulder at Sugar screen
<caroline>     Sean, I see the value of what you are proposing but I
can't imagine having it done in less then 3 weeks to 2 months. Is
there a way to do something that starts getting us some computers now
that doesn't sabatage a stronger press effort later?
<SeanDaly>     4) photo of yourself and/or Walter (no really a
hyperlocal story creates interest by interviewing the people from the
community doing stuff)
<SeanDaly>     well, no sabotage... just a question of building buzz a
little higher with each release :-)
<SeanDaly>     OK why don't i think a little about the least-effort
most-effective sweet spot for you
<caroline>     Ok, so lets put this into the plan but lets also think
about a baby step we can do in the next 2 weeks that builds towards
<SeanDaly>     for example, e only (no snailmail)
<caroline>     We need one executive geek type to think this is a good
thing and get his company to give us 20 computers in the next month.
<caroline>     Winchester and Newton each have hundreds of such people
living in them.
<SeanDaly>     the very next step is list of media outlets and names &
e-mails of beat reporters at those outlets
<SeanDaly>     a bit time-consuming but Google is your friend (David's
friend) and well worth the effort; a single TV station coverage will
multiply buzz incredibly
<caroline>     ok
<SeanDaly>     in press release you can say just that: we are looking
for a business owner s and corporations to donate computers
<caroline>     this sounds like a good start. Lets try to set up a
time where me you and David can meet.
<SeanDaly>     with concrete goal: "with only 20 computers, we coould do XYZ"
<caroline>     Then the next thing for our agenda once we get this
done is I have permissin from my Harvard prof to use his name with
editors of leading education publications.
<SeanDaly>     ok for meeting david online
<SeanDaly>     all right, are we done marketing meeting for today?
<caroline>     thanks for your help!
<SeanDaly>     #endmeeting
<garycmartin>     Thanks for the meeting Sean!
<SeanDaly>     doesn'dtdo anything, but I feel good doing it :D
<garycmartin>     SeanDaly: :-)
<caroline>     arg, cut and paste isn't giving me any line breaks
<caroline>     will anyone be posting it online?
<SeanDaly>     caroline: I will try to mail to marketing list


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