[Marketing] Invitation: Sugar Labs Marketing Meeting @ Tue Sep 8 4pm – 5pm (marketing at lists.sugarlabs.org)

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at sugarlabs.org
Wed Sep 9 11:15:01 EDT 2009


here are the logs:

(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:03:31] #startmeeting
(05:23:02 PM) tomeu: [10:03:42] meetingbot is still in holidays :p
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:03:50] hmm not sure that worked
(05:23:02 PM) ***sdziallas [10:04:04] looks around, waves to everybody :)
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:04:06] kind of like when you throw the
switch and nothing happens
(05:23:02 PM) tomeu: [10:04:33] yeah, or when you come back to work
after holidays and find a coworker is not there anymore
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:04:36] hmmm can we log the meeting? I
don't know how to in chatzilla
(05:23:02 PM) tomeu: [10:04:44] SeanDaly: I can paste logs afterwards
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:04:57] tomeu: great, thanks a lot
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:05:09] is Caroline here?
(05:23:02 PM) caroline__: [10:05:21] yes
(05:23:02 PM) caroline__: [10:05:23] hi :)
(05:23:02 PM) ***SeanDaly [10:05:32] waves to sdziallas
(05:23:02 PM) ***SeanDaly [10:05:43] waves to caroline
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:05:52] Walter?
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:06:20] ok first off I want to thank you
for your patience while I've been offline
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:06:46] i'm not fully online yet (no
internet at home) but working on it
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:07:19] Just to let you know how I see
things (chile in please)
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:07:27] s/chile/chime
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:08:16] I would like to honor a promise I
made before the summer, to Greg at Nexcopy to do a joint press release
about their generous support
(05:23:02 PM) caroline__: [10:08:32] +1
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:09:05] this will give us a chance to
mention Software on a Stick, the GPA pilot and new version on the way
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:09:47] caroline: is the pilot ongoing, or
is there a different phase? I confess I haven't been able to follow
(05:23:02 PM) caroline__: [10:09:53] new phase
(05:23:02 PM) caroline__: [10:09:56] summer has ended
(05:23:02 PM) caroline__: [10:10:05] students return to classes thurs sept 10
(05:23:02 PM) caroline__: [10:10:09] we are setting up for fall now.
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:10:23] ok good we can use language like
"transitioning to the fall semester"
(05:23:02 PM) CanoeBerry [n=Canoe at] entered the room.
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:10:55] the summer-> fall transition can be
used to evoke pilot-> production transition
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:11:09] (associations)
(05:23:02 PM) SeanDaly: [10:11:25] as previously I will put a draft in
Google Docs
(05:23:02 PM) caroline__: [10:11:29] ok
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:12:06] The GPA project has hired an
intern from BU interested in PR and fundraising
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:12:09] last time I was very fortunate to
have lastminute assistance from several members of the team
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:12:20] caroline: ah yes I saw your mail
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:12:31] but he is an undergrad very green
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:12:38] so we could use your guidance
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:12:41] I think we can discuss with David
how to get cracking on fundraising
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:12:45] green is ok, if
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:12:52] well-mentored :-)
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:13:36] so I guess that is my agenda
item, fundraising for GPA and other projects, pleases put it on the
list but lest not get sidetracked.
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:13:52] caroline: ok
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:14:27] re fundraising, at SugarCamp Paris
David had mentioned formalizing contact follow-up. This is a good idea
and allows "parallel processing"
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:14:46] OK can we talk FSF a bit?
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:15:16] Bernie will be doing an internship with them
(05:23:03 PM) cjb [n=cjb at pullcord.laptop.org] entered the room.
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:15:51] and he had the idea to do a joint
press release to thank them for their support
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:16:21] Walter had mentioned recently that
he would like to talk more about the openness and freedom of Sugar
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:16:45] nd, Tomeu has quite rightly asked
about recruiting qualified competent FOSS developers
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:16:57] I also feel that the FSF has lots
of contacts that we could use for at least GPA computer donations/USB
donations type support.
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:17:13] have you seen thier members list?
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:17:31] caroline: in fact I haven't but I
imagine it is long for the Boston area?
(05:23:03 PM) JT4sugar: [10:17:44] Might want to include Teaching Open
Source(TOS) in that release as well-Greg D and Mel
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:17:53] the FSF blunder with the
anti-Windows 7 minisite upset me a lot
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:18:28]
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:18:37] I discussed this with Peter Brown
and with input from Bernie and Walter we agreed to do a joint press
release for Software Freedom Day, Sept. 19th
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:18:56] (Peter Brown is executive director of FSF)
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:19:28] I told Peter I would forward a
draft but I have nothiing written yet, just a list of objectives.
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:19:44] One of the objectives is to recruit
qualified FOSS developers.
(05:23:03 PM) mchua_mtg [n=mchua at] entered the room.
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:20:55] I have also arranged for Walter to
contribute an article to an online publication the day before the
press release
(05:23:03 PM) JT4sugar left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:21:42] I'd still like to get Peter Brown
into the GPA to see it for himself.
(05:23:03 PM) JT4sugar [n=JT at 173-110-192-181.pools.spcsdns.net]
entered the room.
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:22:03] I have suggested the article be a
call for developers and suggested some other ideas to Walter
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:22:16] caroline: have we asked him?
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:22:23] I have not
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:22:28] Bernie could?
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:22:33] I've talka bout it generally but
I haven't spoken directly.
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:22:34] yes
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:22:42] let's ask Bernie
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:23:55] Can we make it a call for
developers for general development and for supporting their local
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:24:28] caroline: Tomeu is very concerned
about general development i think
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:24:58] tomeu: if possible it would be
great if we could have a short "laundry list" of competences we seek
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:25:21] SeanDaly: ok, I get this action item
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:25:38] caroline: I certainly think we
could ask for help with local deployments, but
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:25:39] I'm moving some focus to sustaining
development, yeah
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:26:13] I suspect when taken into
specifics our lists our pretty compatable.
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:27:14] what works is specific calls to
action, motivated by a high purpose - "if you know environment xyz,
help us program xyzzy and help kids worldwide in a 1:1 computer
learning initiative"
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:28:13] by the way, i will be starting a
recruitment drive for marketing volunteers soon
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:28:46] no press releases, just canvassing
on forums, cold-contacting marketing professors, etc.
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:28:55] yeah, we have very diverse profiles to fill
(05:23:03 PM) caroline__: [10:29:05] maybe attending conferences of
various types
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:29:20] we need to target different
profriles where they are
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:29:43] But, our education message and the
contribution volunteers can make is part of a whole
(05:23:03 PM) JT4sugar: [10:29:46] tomeu, Could you make a Mind Map of
the Sugar Stack and highlight in Red areas you think need most
work-Maybe in Labrynth
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:31:13] JT4sugar: hmm, but we don't need only
help in sugar itself
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:31:19] JT4sugar: we have webapp work, for example
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:31:35] we need a community manager, etc
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:31:38] We need developers urgently but it
may be a useful exercise to list other profiles we need
(05:23:03 PM) walterbender left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:32:09] I would like to update our Getting
Involved page too
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:32:10] JT4sugar: I did some work on the
architectural diagram, maybe you can make a mind map from it? I will
be happy to answer any questions
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:32:23] let me find the link
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:32:54] JT4sugar:
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:33:10] Fred and David have been doing wiki
work, perhaps I can interest them in improving the Getting Involved
page. we had a thread about this months ago with good suggestions, I
will find it
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:33:40] GaryCMartin and/or Christian around?
(05:23:03 PM) tomeu: [10:34:08] that sounds good
(05:23:03 PM) JT4sugar: [10:34:19] tomeu, I think it helps many get
the big picture and allows them to understand where they fit. I'll see
what I can come up with from link
(05:23:03 PM) SeanDaly: [10:34:57] JT4sugar: I agree. Everyone needs
to feel they contribute to the mission
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:35:42] tomeu: I agree a community manager
would be a valuable addition
(05:23:04 PM) tomeu: [10:36:12] SeanDaly: or several, it can be a very
big amount of work
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:36:34] tomeu: I certainly agree...
(05:23:04 PM) tomeu: [10:36:52] if we fill positions that core
developers are now taking, we also grow our core resources
(05:23:04 PM) satellit: [10:36:55] the wiki have a better
differentiation of sections for different versions of Soas and sugar
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:37:10] we have an ideal opportunity with
the FSF joint release to ask for several
(05:23:04 PM) tomeu: [10:37:12] so finding python developers is not
the only way to increase our core development capacity
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:37:22] "hands-on" managers that is ;-)
(05:23:04 PM) tomeu: [10:37:26] yeah, looks great
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:37:50] satellit: the problem with the wiki
is there are missing teams
(05:23:04 PM) tomeu: [10:38:12] satellit: yeah, as we grow, we need to
update the existing wiki pages
(05:23:04 PM) satellit: [10:38:37] It is confusing to find which to
look at for a beginner...
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:38:40] I'm the first to admit I haven't
updated the marketing team pages as much as I would like
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:38:58] I find the wiki confusing to read
and confusing to update :-(
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:39:23] But, I shall continue to make the best of it
(05:23:04 PM) caroline__: [10:40:14] I find the wiki hard too. I wish
I could have WYSIWYG
(05:23:04 PM) caroline__: [10:40:42] I think we also need more people
doing with Simon and I are doing, teaming with educators and taking
Sugar to kids.
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:40:48] Christian and Fred worked on the
common navbar during my absence and it's almost ready to go
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:41:06] caroline: I couldn't agree more, I think
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:41:31] everyone at Sugar labs could
benefit by making an appointment with a local educator and talking
about Sugar
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:42:17] By the way did you see that blog
post about the librarian running SoaS? She loved it
(05:23:04 PM) caroline__: [10:42:41] yes :)
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:43:24] the FSF has offered to help with a
mailing of SoaS to educators later this year or next
(05:23:04 PM) caroline__: [10:44:00] what will we mail? Just paper or
CD or USBs?
(05:23:04 PM) caroline__: [10:44:10] thats great btw :)
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:44:14] caroline: still in brainstorm stage
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:44:31] will be discussed following press
release with them
(05:23:04 PM) caroline__: [10:44:39] CD seems like the sweat spot.
Espectially if can get a good gui for making a stick from a Sugar CD.
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:45:15] caroline: i'm sorry if i'm
ignorant, has there been work to generate a stick from CD?
(05:23:04 PM) caroline__: [10:45:36] there has been talk
(05:23:04 PM) ***sdziallas [10:46:06] waves.
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:46:16] tomeu: perhaps one angle we could
run by Walter for the article is tackling the technical challenge of
(05:23:04 PM) satellit: [10:46:40] live-usbcreator on soas CD?
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:46:45] I may be wrong but I have the
impression the methods we are using are cutting-edge?
(05:23:04 PM) sdziallas: [10:47:36] SeanDaly: they are probably not
cutting-edge, but not yet... optimal. However, they are the best we
can get now (imo).
(05:23:04 PM) sdziallas: [10:47:49] satellit: that wouldn't work as
you'd need to ship the .iso file, too.
(05:23:04 PM) satellit: [10:48:07] DVD?
(05:23:04 PM) tomeu: [10:48:09] SeanDaly: sounds good to me, though
that's more with sdziallas
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:48:09] sdziallas: what I mean is, I'm not
sure anyone else is pushing out as far as having a classroom full of
kids with sticks :-)
(05:23:04 PM) sdziallas: [10:48:31] SeanDaly: hehe :) there's always a
first one, right?
(05:23:04 PM) sdziallas: [10:48:56] SeanDaly: I see your point, yup.
I'm currently trying to rethink a lot of stuff... more to come soon.
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:49:16] ok i'd like to bring up a final
subjeect if I may (short on time)
(05:23:04 PM) sdziallas: [10:49:26] satellit: but we wouldn't want to
be the usual SoaS image DVD-size, right? And pushing a new image for
every single reason might be a bit overkill.
(05:23:04 PM) caroline__: [10:49:29] are we going to get to fundriasing?
(05:23:04 PM) ***sdziallas [10:49:41] steps back, defers that to the
mailing lists, listens now again.
(05:23:04 PM) JT4sugar: [10:49:56] Could you not load all needed files
on a USB for a person to set up their own USB creation Station on
their computer-Live Usb Creator-Links to images-pdf Sugar Manual,
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:50:08] caroline: I think David should be
in the fundraising loop he has clear ideas for formalizing
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:50:24] caroline: if you mean Boston area
only that's different
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:50:44] JT4sugar: +1
(05:23:04 PM) sdziallas: [10:50:46] JT4sugar: *nod* that would
certainly be a possibility... something like a "SoaS Creation Kit" or
(05:23:04 PM) JT4sugar: [10:51:00] SeanDaly, Could we schedule an IRC
specifically for brainstorming fundraising
(05:23:04 PM) caroline__: [10:51:01] yes, good idea
(05:23:04 PM) SeanDaly: [10:51:06] which would give us an opportunity
to "present" SoaS
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [10:51:40] we are more urgent then I had
expected for GPA.  They originally wanted to start in Oct, then they
got a demo of Sugar, now they want to start ASAP.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:51:51] typical scenario: educator hears
about Sugar, gets ahold of a CD, looks at presentation materials,
loads a stick & boots
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [10:52:07] then creates 25 sticks for his class.
(05:23:05 PM) JT4sugar: [10:52:14] sdziallas, A USB stick like that
could be like a Baton to be passaed along. As soon as you download of
USB you can pass on to colleague
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [10:52:20] so we need to also create support
for buring multiple sticks at a time.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:52:23] JT4sugar: yes, would be glad to
organize fundraising meeting
(05:23:05 PM) garycmartin [n=urk at] entered the room.
(05:23:05 PM) ***SeanDaly [10:52:52] waves to GaryCMartin
(05:23:05 PM) sdziallas: [10:53:13] JT4sugar: hehe :) yeah, right... I
really like the idea.
(05:23:05 PM) ***garycmartin [10:53:36] waves to SeanDaly
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:53:36] let's not forget we can reference Nexcopy
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:54:16] different topic before I have to
go: as you know I have mentioned a campaign idea
(05:23:05 PM) garycmartin: [10:54:18] SeanDaly: am I late, or early,
for the Marketing meeting?
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:54:32] garycmartin: late, but just in time :D
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:54:59] I have purchased a number of
netbooks to test SoaS on
(05:23:05 PM) garycmartin: [10:55:25] SeanDaly: blast, 16:00 but must
be getting UTC confused.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:55:26] nearly all of them boot Windows and
have an Intel Inside sticker and a Windows sticker
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:55:47] garycmartin: UTC <> UK Summer Time
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:56:12] anyway there have been some
excellent sticker initiatives in the past:
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:56:37] OLPC France has rectangular ones
with French colors, fit on XO-1 screen hinge
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:56:51] OLPC DC Mike Lee did some nice ones
(05:23:05 PM) satellit: [10:57:25] +1 sell them for income?
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:57:32] So while lounging by the pool this
summer i thought & thought: what kind of catchy phrase could we put on
a sticker?
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:58:04] satellit: we could even give them
away, if they communicate Sugar to everyone who sees the machine
(05:23:05 PM) tomeu: [10:58:05] keyboard stickers for the sugar keys
would be great as well, not sure how much related it could be to the
promotional stickers
(05:23:05 PM) JT4sugar: [10:58:18] "I've been Sugarized" stickers for
Windows machines
(05:23:05 PM) satellit: [10:59:01] yes certified for sugar/ give to
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:59:01] actually I went through the usual
Sugar associations: sugar daddy, sugar loaf
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:59:01] then I thought of Sugar beets
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:59:05] which i think is the name of erikos' blog?
(05:23:05 PM) satellit: [10:59:07] sugar beets ms
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:59:18] and then I thought of: "sugar boots"
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:59:34] as in, Sugar boorts on this laptop
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:59:39] or on this old PC
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [10:59:46] s/boorts/boots
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:00:04] gary i asked you to come because
when I think of the word "boots"
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:00:11] I see two eyes, like in Speak
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:00:38] maybe "sugar" in logotype and
"boots" a smiley face like Speak?
(05:23:05 PM) mchua_mtg is now known as mchua
(05:23:05 PM) garycmartin: [11:01:04] SeanDaly: sure, it's a possible.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:01:19] whatever we have on a sticker, I
think we should start a viral video campaign
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:01:24] like this:
(05:23:05 PM) ***garycmartin [11:01:29] knows how much SeanDaly like
happy faces.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:01:46] vidcam on table, not fancy, shows netbook.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:01:55] Netbook boots Sugar.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:02:10] Hand adds sticker to netbook: "Sugar boots" !
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:02:39] Now maybe this slogan is not the best
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:02:39] I was thinkng about doing a
series with stuffed animals and changing the BIOS.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:03:19] But, i think a series of short
videos showing SoaS booting on netbooks, laptops, PCs (and XOs) will
spread the message effectively
(05:23:05 PM) garycmartin: [11:03:30] caroline__: stuffed animals
changing BIOS... LOL!
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:03:34] caroline: stuffed animals?
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:03:39] I have 5 computers in my room
ready to boot Sugar
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:03:49] we need something cute to go with
the computers
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:04:03] unfortunately none of the ones I
have currently allow direct boot from USB they will all need helpers.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:04:07] caroline: yes, that's why I thought
of the smile in "boots"
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:04:31] caroline: if the CD has a label
'Sugar boots".... ;-)
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:04:53] thats a good idea
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:04:57] the Speak guy is great!
(05:23:05 PM) satellit: [11:05:29] fancy disk label for boot helper
with instruction on it?
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:05:32] if the Speak guy would smile more,
we'd have it made in the shade
(05:23:05 PM) garycmartin: [11:06:22] SeanDaly: that sounds like a
nice Speak enhancement request, "make mouth smile!"
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:06:35] I have to go now
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:06:50] ok lets set up another meeting
with you me, David Han and David Farning.
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:06:53] at least
(05:23:05 PM) garycmartin: [11:06:55] SeanDaly: Sorry I missed most of it.
(05:23:05 PM) JT4sugar: [11:06:58] SeanDaly,  i think a series of
short videos showing "How to" get SoaS booting on netbooks, laptops,
PCs (and XOs) will spread the message effectively
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:07:00] gary do you think you could sketch something?
(05:23:05 PM) garycmartin: [11:07:16] SeanDaly: Sure.
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:07:32] JT4sugar: these could be the same
videos; the voiceover person says what they are doing as they do it
(05:23:05 PM) garycmartin: [11:07:42] SeanDaly: and I need a break
from toolbar work ;-)
(05:23:05 PM) JT4sugar: [11:07:49] SeanDaly, +!
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:07:53] did you guys see the one the LGF kids made?
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly: [11:08:25] have to disappear sorry bye
(05:23:05 PM) caroline__: [11:08:29] hmm maybe its not up
(05:23:05 PM) ***garycmartin [11:08:42] waves goodbye to SeanDaly
(05:23:05 PM) SeanDaly left the room (quit: "ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox]").



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