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El Fri, 30-10-2009 a las 14:46 +0100, David Van Assche escribió:
> Surely it would make more sense to take it down a level and use
> telepathy as the comms insftracture and from there use SIP where
> needed, but also chat, MUC, dbus-dbus tubes, video and audio group
> streaming and everything else xmpp is so good at. A communications box
> if you will, with it being kinda like the master with the jabber
> server installed on it? food for thought?

The telepathy stack uses SIP for VOIP anyway. Even though SIP is a
peer-to-peer technology, you need a PBX such as Asterisk in the middle
if you're going to do conferencing.

Daf, one of the Collabora devs, told me last week that they're working
on P2P SIP conferencing. Probably an implementation of Jingle?


Multi-user chat without any infrastructure would be amazing, but I doubt
it can be made scale beyond a small number of nodes. And I doubt we can
find mature clients at this time.

For now, I'd suggest setting up a "traditional" Asterisk PBX and switch
to XMPP/Jingle when things mature a little. Daf of course might come up
with a better idea.

BTW: did you know that every Sunjammer account also includes a Jabber
account too? the JID is USERNAME at sugarlabs.org and the password is the
same of the LDAP password. SSL/TLS is mandatory.

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