[Marketing] source for PDF flyers we had at LinuxTag?

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Oct 28 06:36:28 EDT 2009

On 10/27/2009 05:23 PM, Sean DALY wrote:
> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Marketing_Team/Events/LinuxTag2009
> Hi Simon
> I'd like to translate the german and English flyers we distributed at
> LinuxTag into French
> do you have source docs for those?
> thanks
> Sean

Attached are the english abiword file and the gimp one. Also the the 
text will follow.


What is Sugar? Sugar...
...is a learning platform designed for children
...was originally designed for the XO-1 laptop of the OLPC project
...runs on most netbooks and PCs
...is for example used by students in Peru, Uruguay and Nepal
...is Free Software
...is available in more than 25 languages

What is special about Sugar?
Collaborative learning is a main concept of the platform: Students can 
connect with each other and work on an exercise together. Sugar is 
task-based and provides each student with a Journal, where every action 
or activity is automatically recorded.  The Journal engages children in 
the process of reflecting on their work.

Sugar includes a wide variety of subprograms, called Activities. There 
are Activities like Write, Read and a Browser, but as well more complex 
systems like Etoys. Etoys is a visual Authoring system to create 
simulations, write interactive stories or program little games. Etoys is 
a nice way to get the students interested into programming. A similar 
approach uses Turtleart, an activity to draw images. The students 
control a pen with the shape of a turtle using graphical programming 
blocks. New activities can be downloaded from activities.sugarlabs.org - 
and if a student does not find what he is looking for he is encouraged 
to modify an existing activity or write one himself. Sugar and most of 
the activities are written in the scripting language python. One goal 
of Sugar is to encourage users to appropriate the technology. The 
students should not be satisfied to be just consumers of Sugar; we would 
like them to understand how Sugar works and to feel empowered to make 

What is Sugar Labs?
Sugar Labs is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization. Sugar Labs 
coordinates volunteers around the world passionate about providing 
educational opportunities to children through the Sugar Learning 
Platform. You can help to improve how computers are used in education - 

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