[Marketing] IRC transcript of today's Sugar Labs Marketing Meeting

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 11:42:29 EDT 2009

<SeanDaly>  hi, Sean here, anyone about?
<SeanDaly>  #startmeeting
<caroline>  good morning
<SeanDaly>  #startmeeting
<SeanDaly>  hi caroline
<tomeu>  hi!
<SeanDaly>  meetbot seems on blinky
<SeanDaly>  hi tomeu
<JT4sugar>  Hello All
<tomeu>  bernie: do you know about meetbot?
* sdziallas  waves
<SeanDaly>  hi JT4sugar, sdziallas
<SeanDaly>  Mike Lee should be with us shortly
<sdziallas>  hi SeanDaly
<SeanDaly>  TEDx Baltimore is his thing
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<SeanDaly>  OK perhaps first I can brief you on France's Educatice show
<caroline>  cool
<SeanDaly>  briefly, I have joined the OLPC France grassroots org
<Guest70812>  Guest70812 is Mike Lee. I got a flurry of server5
commands and didnt register with NickServe
<Guest70812>  dont know if i will get kicked off.
<SeanDaly>  OLPC France is very active, cf. 100 XOs deployed in
Madagascar, translations of Sugar and Activities
<SeanDaly>  Hi Mike/Guest70812!
<Guest70812>  thanx. carry on!
<SeanDaly>  from Nov. 18-20 is France's largest "education tech" show
<SeanDaly>  The good people at OLPC France have arranged for us to be
able to borrow a table in a booth in the Free Software village
<SeanDaly>  I'm excisted about this because aside from making very
qualified contacts (ed depts.),
<SeanDaly>  this will also be an excellent occasion to see what's
happening with similar projects e.g. Classmates
<tomeu>  or what isn't happening :p
<SeanDaly>  s/excisted/excited (not medical procedure)
<SeanDaly>  tomeu: yes true
<SeanDaly>  but I think they will be very interested to see Sugar
running on a pair of Classmates
<SeanDaly>  OK Mike, would you like to brief us on TEDx Baltimore?
<tomeu>  I think now that portugal and spain have given laptops in
masse to their children, french will be looking at that and wondering
if they should as well
<SeanDaly>  tomeu: already happening, see my Competitive Landscape
post to Marketing list keyword Archos
<tomeu>  ok
<caroline>  Have Portugal and Spain done any studies of educational
effectiveness yet?
<SeanDaly>  caroline: I don't know but i am sure yes
* SeanDaly  wonders if Mike still online
<caroline>  keep your eyes open for Data while you are there. At least
here in the US Data speaks and as we all know Data can be made to say
many different things.
* tomeu  wouldn't be so sure ;)
<tomeu>  caroline: yes, still need to learn more about what happened
here with magalhaes
<tomeu>  caroline: we can ask nubae about spain, he's working for a
regional government in this area
<Guest70812>  sorry. back now
<SeanDaly>  OK Mike tell us about TEDx
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<Guest70812>  i've been given an exclusive display space right outside
of the main auditorium
<Guest70812>  this is TEDx MidAtlantic in Baltimore Nov 5
<caroline>  wow
<Guest70812>  U.S. federal CTO will be be speaking as well as many
other regional celebs
<SeanDaly>  Great opportunity to attract interest in Sugar
<Guest70812>  sooooo. so far i have 15 XOs, a bunch of netbooks, SoaS
sticks. Have a 10x10 foot collapsible display
<SeanDaly>  erikos had organized colorful yet informative flyers for
LinuxTag, but i don't remember their origin, did you see those?
<Guest70812>  hopefully one or two user group folks to help. luke may
bring his XO 1.5
<SeanDaly>  Mike: is TEDx audience educators, or ?
<Guest70812>  i will look for erikos' flyers for sure. havent seen
<Guest70812>  there will be some educators. audience is more tech
innoivators, "visionary" thinkers--all disciplines.
<Guest70812>  most will have seen the Ted videos of NN
<SeanDaly>  Mike: here is PDF link, from Marketing page LinuxTag:
<SeanDaly>  Mike: absolutely fabulous prospects for the Sugar
message... handouts very important in my view
<Guest70812>  I imagine I should be handing out info on Blueberry
<caroline>  I also have one I made up that you could change the text on.
<Guest70812>  yes, handout. and anything else that will help people
"get" the story in under 5 minutes
<Guest70812>  carline: cool!
<Guest70812>  caroline, yes, would love that
<SeanDaly>  Mike: actually, Nov. 5 too early for Blueberry
<Guest70812>  it would be worth making a dozen or so Sugar Labs kits
with sticks in case the Federal CTO stops by!
<SeanDaly>  Mike: Yes, I agree would be great to have a kit for
qualified prospects
<Guest70812>  like quickstart sheet, flyers, boot cd, stick
<caroline>  sent tothe marketing list. ARe you on that Mike?
<sdziallas>  Guest70812, SeanDaly: well, it's presumably too early for
Blueberry, yes, but one could distribute Strawberry or the Beta and
hint at the upcoming final release.
* sdziallas  really likes the idea of such a kit
<SeanDaly>  This may be worth scheduling next press release on...
<Guest70812>  yes, I'm on the marketing list.
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<SeanDaly>  We can distribute Sugar on a Stick and mention a new
version available soon
<SeanDaly>  for this audience, Strawberry:Blueberry not very important, but
<SeanDaly>  SoaS concept very important and actual stick (with
whatever version) ideal
<Guest70812>  Sean agree that the audience wont care about versions
<caroline>  agreed, I think versioning info would be too confusing for
a first introduction to the concept.
* sdziallas  nods, too
<SeanDaly>  perhaps we could time Nexcopy/GPA progress PR for TEDx?
<JT4sugar>  The kit can be like a "Sugar Labs Kiosk"-Make sure stick
creation tools are available-ask them to distribute to Ten colleagues
<caroline>  thats a good idea.
<caroline>  I wish I coudl be there in Baltimore but Thursday is my class day.
<SeanDaly>  hmm not sure that audience will have blank sticks for loading
<Guest70812>  I think JT4sugar means also add info on how to replicate easily
<caroline>  We need the One CD to Rule Them ALL - the boot helper,
stick creator, live CD.
<SeanDaly>  Yes easy replication important to spreading
* SeanDaly  in awe of LOTR imagery
<Guest70812>  then for the booth, need what we might feel as the best
5 minute Sugar demo. a couple apps and collaboration...
<SeanDaly>  caroline: the One CD could have an installer some day :-)
<JT4sugar>  Yes-Something to do when they get home because they were so inspired
<SeanDaly>  Mike - any chance of getting Sugar on a larger monitor
screen behind you, or on the table?
<caroline>  SeanDaly, after the story I heard from the teacher who's
student wiped the family compter with all the finacial data for the
family, Im not super enthusiastic about giving out installers.
<Guest70812>  Sean, yes was thinking about that. Would be easiest to
bring a big flat panel monitor.
<SeanDaly>  At linuxTag there was a PC with a generous screen, people
passing by were drawn in
<SeanDaly>  caroline: eek with Sugar??
<caroline>  Linux
<Guest70812>  even better, two big monitors showing collaboration
<caroline>  the teacher was teaching middle school students about Linux
<SeanDaly>  Mike: yes I'm trying to organize a flat panel monitor for Educatice
<sdziallas>  well, it's not *that* hard to wipe your drive with Linux;
really not.
<SeanDaly>  I wiped my Journal once by running a sugar command in the Terminal
<SeanDaly>  just playing around
<SeanDaly>  but no safety net
<SeanDaly>  the power of the command line ;-)
<sdziallas>  hehe ;)
<caroline>  well in production we have the XS backup as a safety net
against wiping out your journal
<Guest70812>  dunno if i will have wifi down in the basement where the
auditorium is. would love to have ad hoc Sugar collab going
<SeanDaly>  Sugar collab vital for the "full Sugar experience"
<SeanDaly>  I have found a very effective demo is to collaborate in
Write, and visitor types on XO, and text appears on other XOs
<caroline>  I *think* if you get a router (not a switch) and connect
them to it they will all see each other.
<JT4sugar>  Guest70812, Would a couple of whiteboards work for you if
I could arrange it. Can't promise but would give it a try.
<caroline>  even if said router is not conneced to the internet.
<SeanDaly>  caroline: you mean for netbooks?
<caroline>  anything, if you use ethernet cables.
<Guest70812>  caroline. i need to do another battery of tests. soas
was working with my mifi router, but has not recently7. trying to
figure out what changed.
<caroline>  a switch doesn't give you IPs so it doesn't work. But a
Router should.
<Guest70812>  still havent been able to get a cabled hub collab setup going
<SeanDaly>  well, XO effluvience not so great if cables and Ethernet
adapters everywhere
<Guest70812>  sean...thats exactly right
<caroline>  good point.
<caroline>  So I wonder if a wifi access point without connection to
the internet will work. It should.
<Guest70812>  JT$sugar5. I have a couple small whiteboards.
<SeanDaly>  We caused quite a stir at Linuxtag by wandering around the
aisles doing Measure with a pair of XOs, people followed us back to
the booth like the Pied Piper and the beeps were heard by everyone
<sdziallas>  SeanDaly: yeah, that was awesome :)
<Guest70812>  Ah, Measure on two XOs would make for a super quick demo!
<JT4sugar>  Guest70812, I have a few contacts at Polyvision and if you
were looking for a big screen this might
<SeanDaly>  very attention-grabbing... street theater
<JT4sugar>  be a possibility
<SeanDaly>  Mike: sometimes at these events, there is a handout bag or
gift bag at the end for attendees.. do you know if one planned? Can
docs/kit go in there?
<Guest70812>  sean, i'm pretty sure there is a gift bag
<SeanDaly>  ideally, kit in bags PLUS handed out at table
<Guest70812>  good reason to have a pdf ready and get flyers duped
before they stuff the bags
<SeanDaly>  Yes I agree
<Guest70812>  flyer in the bag with a "see us at the booth" message
<caroline>  A live CD in the bag would be awesome.
<SeanDaly>  Mike, I remember you mentioned you thought the logo/icons
banner at NECC lacked info, is that the case?
<Guest70812>  maybe also encourage people to twitter ande live blog
about sugar labs
<SeanDaly>  They will tweet & blog... if there is news
<SeanDaly>  too early for Blueberry, but maybe Nexcopy:GPA PR release
will fit with that date?
<Guest70812>  sean, my thought about the banner was that there should
also be a panel with bullet points, screen shots and diagrams so
people cdan read in aq minute to "get" the story
<Guest70812>  the flyer could have all the bite-sized info we need.
<SeanDaly>  Mike: I feel banner is great for branding, and in line
with Sugar's "Lego" like simplicity,
<SeanDaly>  but agree could be interesting to have a few large bullet
points briefly describing project,
<Guest70812>  yup. the banner exists (in horizontal format) ready to use.
<SeanDaly>  or communicating key points e.g.:
<SeanDaly>  * 1,000,000 laptops using Sugar
<Guest70812>  Sugar Labs needs a tag line. people have no clue just
looking at that banner.
<SeanDaly>  * Runs on PCs and Macs
<SeanDaly>  * Ideal as children's first learning with a computer
<SeanDaly>  actual points can be discussed of course
<Guest70812>  sean. good points.
<JT4sugar>  "I've Been Sugarized" Stickers with Soas USB stick
creation instructions on back. After they create stick-Sticker goes
right on their laptop/computer
<SeanDaly>  Tag line a good idea... descriptive? e.g. "A learning
environment just for children"
<SeanDaly>  JT4Sugar: remember a few meetings back my idea was a
"Sugar Boots" sticker... viral campaign for every non-XO that booys
Sugar, videoed and on our Dailymotion channel
<SeanDaly>  other sticker ideas: "Sugar on top"
<SeanDaly>  "Sugar for learning"
<Guest70812>  I'm thinking to have something like 60% Sugar 40% OLPC
ratio of booth content. People in general who know about OLPC just
have no clue about Sugar Labs
<SeanDaly>  caroline: how does Nov.5 strike you for press release?
<caroline>  I like it.
<SeanDaly>  Mike: Yes, Sugar has been invisible, this is why I really,
really want XO-1.5 to boot Sugar with Sugar logo, like SoaS
<Guest70812>  booting with Sugar logo is a fab idea.
<SeanDaly>  There's nothing like a table with XOs and netbooks running
Sugar to show people it works on both
<SeanDaly>  Mike: Walter has discussed boot logo on OLPC side several
times these past few months
<Guest70812>  i'm meeting with adam, matt keller and sj for lunch
thursday. may see adam before then. TEDx will be a topic of convo
<Guest70812>  i am hoping to meet up with walter tomorrow on campus
<SeanDaly>  Neighborhood views:
<Guest70812>  OLPC crew has always been lukewarm to setting up at
booths. not much thinking there about media relations and branding
<SeanDaly>  They have been very hands-off about media relatins, with
catastrophic results
<SeanDaly>  Adam however in his new role is working on social media
awareness initiatives
<SeanDaly>  But after I asked he said no plans for more traditional
media campaigns like we have been doing
<Guest70812>  adam does great with community building; doesnt know
much about print comm or events mgt. he is an amazingly dedicated
individual for sure tho!
<SeanDaly>  in fact both are necessary, but best shortcut is good
press on widely read media e.g. BBC
<SeanDaly>  yes very pleased at Adam's change in situation, certainly deserved
<Guest70812>  OK. great feedback as always. let me defer to the other
agenda items...
<SeanDaly>  OK we've used up most of our time on this
<SeanDaly>  I propose to build Nexcopy/GPA press release timed to TEDx
<SeanDaly>  Now since sdziallas is back perhaps a little brainstorming
about Blueberry launch?
* sdziallas  would be interested in knowing what the possible talking
points are going to be
<SeanDaly>  I've been thinking it could be interesting to develop e-books angle
<SeanDaly>  since market studies are showing great interest in holiday
season dedicated readers;
<SeanDaly>  and most journalists missing story about open content,
open education movemement
<sdziallas>  SeanDaly: yes, that'd make sense to me
<SeanDaly>  Blueberry launch should have a hook, or anchor, to give
extra push for press/blogger coverage
<JT4sugar>  "Get Sugar and Start Reading Free Books Today"
<Guest70812>  and ideally fits on one Steve Jobs-style slide
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<sdziallas>  hehe ;)
<SeanDaly>  This could also mean including some ebooks in Blueberry image
<SeanDaly>  This could reinforce multilanguage aspect; e.g. kids'
fairy tales from 30 countries?
<Guest70812>  related to ebooks and book bundles, should Suagr Labs
reach out to people like Children's Digital Library?
<SeanDaly>  I am convinced content partnerships, especially with open
education movement, will be fruitful
<sdziallas>  SeanDaly: right... well, good idea. however, this needs
to happen soon, as we need to put them in and test them... (on
bundling e-books)
<sdziallas>  btw, we're also shipping the Get E-Books activity.
<Guest70812>  I'll ask Walter about his status with Children'ds
Library. I live near them.
<SeanDaly>  tech and mainstream press talk kindle, kindle, kindle, and
the cost of books :-(
<SeanDaly>  sdziallas: yes, I understand... but this is still
brainstorming not planning... still searching for ideas to make
Blueberry launch special (aside from great new version of Sugar)
<Guest70812>  I will read up on and try the Get E-books Activity.
<SeanDaly>  late November/early December is holiday period; we could
also talk about Sugar on a netbook as a gift??
<caroline>  or Sugar on a Stick as a stocking stuffer
<JT4sugar>  sdziallas, Does Get E-books allow Teachers to create
little book bundles to send to kids-say 3 to 5 book bundles
<SeanDaly>  caroline: yes.. to make that work, put a step-by-step
online, or film
<SeanDaly>  general e-book question: are they all text-only, or some
with illustrations?
<sdziallas>  JT4sugar: I think... mh, not sure. I think it allows you
to download ebooks from a variety of sources to the journal (from
which you could obviously share them)
<SeanDaly>  i had another idea with e-books: each of us record reading
a fairy tale in our native language... kids love listening to a story
being told
<SeanDaly>  could be interesting for OLPC/SL contributors to record
reading stories,
<caroline>  Also the book from Peru has a great example of making a
story in e-Toys
<SeanDaly>  and highlights "multimedia" aspect of computers
<caroline>  I wish we had a way to share e-Toys projects via a.sl.o
<SeanDaly>  caroline: didn't see that
<caroline>  you've seen the Peru book right?
<SeanDaly>  sdziallas: of course, i don't want to create launch
difficulties, just find ways to make Blueberry more interesting,
increase probability teachers/parents will download & try
<SeanDaly>  caroline: no missed that, was on IAEP list?
<caroline>  yes and I bloggedabout it and so did Walter
<sdziallas>  SeanDaly: yes, I was already assuming good intentions :)
<SeanDaly>  caroline: will go look at that
<sdziallas>  SeanDaly: well, it's just that we need some time to get
everything ready. but it's good to talk about it now, so that we have
that time frame.
<caroline>  http://sugaronastick.com/blog/2009/10/02/using-the-xo-in-the-classroom-from-peru/
<SeanDaly>  other ideas for Blueberry launch?
<caroline>  Lots of use of e-Toys, Gerald in NY State uses E-Toys a
lot too. We should think about a greater marketing alliance with them.
<SeanDaly>  Best ideas= easy to implement + compeeling
<SeanDaly>  s/compeeling/compelling
<SeanDaly>  caroline: always interesting to "star-market" Activities;
many journalists pick up on what an Activity can do
<SeanDaly>  Opportunity to talk about Sugar's growing Activity Library
<sdziallas>  SeanDaly: Physics should probably be on that list...
<SeanDaly>  sdziallas: yes that's a new one, visitors at LinuxTag liked it
<caroline>  I thought the epedemic simulation was interesting and a
potial tie into news but maybe not cheerful enough for us.
<caroline>  I think books are better.
<sdziallas>  SeanDaly: right :) and from how I understood Gary, we
might get even a new release in time (will need to ask again).
<SeanDaly>  caroline: did you see that Dell touched on that in the
marketing for their netbook?
<caroline>  no missed that.
<SeanDaly>  "Absent children can attend class from home"
<caroline>  yes, nice way to put it.
<SeanDaly>  i almost fell out of my chair
<SeanDaly>  my "marketing" instinct would be to avoid the pandemic
like the plague (joke)
<caroline>  sdziallas, could you help me figure out how to get the
CAST books to work? They would be a good addition to the story.
<JT4sugar>  Keying allowing Kids to use Sugar to read free books all
year long will be a great sell this Holiday season add in benefits of
physics, project based learning, and collaboration all free hard to
<caroline>  Sean, will the story focuse on just standard eBooks or
cover the bredth of Sugar and books for kids.
<SeanDaly>  on the other hand, mentioning the economic situation OK,
we have an unbeatable offer at the "price"
<SeanDaly>  JT4sugar: yes, I think so too
<sdziallas>  caroline: sure, we can try. well, do you have a link? it
should be pretty straight-forward, but let's see if we run into issues
or not.
<SeanDaly>  caroline: well... i wouldn't want to associate the word
"standard" with Sugar :D
<SeanDaly>  caroline the idea is to capture imaginations...
<caroline>  SEan, what I mean is are we focusing on readeTexts or
including html based reading experiences making your own book in
e-Toys etc.
<caroline>  I asssume we want to go for wide and wonderful.
<SeanDaly>  "a few great ebooks included, 200,000 more available for download"
<SeanDaly>  hmm making your own book very interesting angle!
<SeanDaly>  very "constructionist"
* sdziallas  loves alice in wonderland...
<caroline>  yeah and its in the book out of Peru with an amazingly
wonderful folk story.
<SeanDaly>  An activity parents could do with their kids?
<caroline>  sdziallas Ticket 1420
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* sdziallas  looks
<caroline>  Sean we also have a big accessiblity differentiated
instruction angle for this.
<sdziallas>  caroline: ohhh... haven't seen it before, sorry.
<caroline>  which is why I'd love to be able to include the CAST books.
* SeanDaly  wonders if sdziallas aware that Lewis Carroll (Dodgson) a
mathematician :-)
<SeanDaly>  ? accessibility instruction ?
<caroline>  sdziallas hasn't beena super high priority, but I think we
are little workaround away from a good set of resources.
* sdziallas  tells SeanDaly that he's doing an advanced course in math
in school :)
<caroline>  CAST is http://www.cast.org/
* SeanDaly  cool!
<caroline>  its about creating books that kids with disabilities can read.
<caroline>  it provides help in a variety of differnet ways that
support all sorts of learners.
<sdziallas>  caroline: ah, okay... cool! that's and interesting
aspect... well, I'll give it a try later on SoaS.
<caroline>  Just Read eTexts is a major difernciated instruction
because it will read the text to you.
<SeanDaly>  caroline: where did i see that Sugar made huge difference
in disability school, olpcnews?
<caroline>  that is a huge deal.
<caroline>  yes
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<SeanDaly>  reading books out loud fabulous
<SeanDaly>  but, human voices better than synthesized
<caroline>  ability to get books in other languages is also a part of
differenciated instructions.
<SeanDaly>  Some day soon, i would like actors/actresses/singers from
around the world to read open content books for kids, and put the
recordings in Sugar
<caroline>  but the sythasised means that teachers can load in things
they have created for the rest of the class and the blind kids can
hear it, and the kids who can't read yet can get it through audiory
while seeing it.
<caroline>  and they can all do the same thing the rest of the class
is. something that didn't happen before.
<SeanDaly>  When i did focus group at my kids school last June,
several teachers asked about reading aloud Speak & translations
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<caroline>  yes
<SeanDaly>  the audio aspect is great, because it shows how using a
computer useful
<SeanDaly>  and kids like listening
<JT4sugar>  Most importantly with Soas they can take it home and work
at their own speed a huge benefit
<SeanDaly>  my lad told though (about Speak): "the computer talks funny"
<SeanDaly>  hmmm I think we can agree e-books and audio aspect
interesting paths to follow up on for Blueberry launch
<caroline>  If we can get the output of this to work well with Sugar
it might be very valuable.
<caroline>  http://www.cast.org/about/news/press/2009-10-02.html
<caroline>  because what they have done is far deeper then just
reading the books.
<SeanDaly>  However, to make launch date, we will need to decide soon
if what we want to do is ambitious
<caroline>  the scaffold book makers to create a variety of differnt
types and levels of help.
<tomeu>  SeanDaly: we discussed a while ago in olpc-sur an effort in
which parents put their voices to stories
* tomeu  searches link
<SeanDaly>  tomeu: wow that's exactly what I was thinking
<SeanDaly>  maybe we can ask parents to contribute recordings to Sugar ???
<tomeu>  I asked first :p
<SeanDaly>  could underline volunteer aspect of our community?
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<caroline>  Its a great idea, not sure it'll be ready for Blueberry.
<tomeu>  SeanDaly: the founder of the project is in IAEP, even
<SeanDaly>  caroline: could be, if scope limited enough
<tomeu>  SeanDaly: I see a lot of potential there for preservation of
minority languages and culture, coupled with something like an XO
<tomeu>  a counter attack to the cultural imperialism accusations by
guido van rossum and others
<SeanDaly>  tomeu: I agree 100%, I think we should position Sugar as
champion of minority languages/culture;
<caroline>  yes
<tomeu>  SeanDaly: the thread:
<caroline>  and cultural relevance is part of addressing the
"achievement gap" in the US.
<SeanDaly>  in fact when I thought of fairy tales around the world,
<tomeu>  iris fernandez is the founder of the project
<SeanDaly>  i was thinking not of Grimm or Disney translated, but
well-loved stories from every country
<SeanDaly>  when ii was a lad I loved "Rikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo
Cheri Beru Buchi Pip Peri Pembo"
<SeanDaly>  tomeu: caroline may be right, may be too ambitious for
Blueberry launch,
<SeanDaly>  but definitely worth looking into
<caroline>  I wonder if we could get a sponsor/partner for it.
<tomeu>  sure, I agree
<SeanDaly>  caroline: maybe xiph foundation partnership? encourage
free formats at the same time?
<caroline>  nod
<caroline>  definitely an idea to keep in mind as we look at grants
<SeanDaly>  there was that startup or community where you go to a
little booth in many big cities and tell a story for posterity
<Guest70812>  thsnks again everyone for all the info and suggestions.
i'm going to sign off to find food now.
<SeanDaly>  well I really enjoy productive brainstorming like this,
but I'm running out of time
<Guest70812>  take care!
<SeanDaly>  maybe we can stop here and continue on-list? Tomeu i will
look at your link thanks
<JT4sugar>  Sean in press release be sure to mention making it into
"Linux Top 10"
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<SeanDaly>  JT4Sugar: good point!
<SeanDaly>  ok everyone i will post this transcript to marketing list
since meetbot not around ;-)
<SeanDaly>  signing off now thanks everyone!
<JT4sugar>  Thanks Sean-Good day!

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