[Marketing] OLPC/Sugar Community Summit NYC -- Saturday November 21 (date tentative)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Mon Oct 12 14:48:50 EDT 2009

Late-Breaking News:
Several OLPCorps team members who deployed XO laptops across Africa this 
summer are eager to join us in NY City, eg. talking about their 
individual school experience in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Kenya, etc: 

--------DRAFT Announcement--------
On [Tentatively Saturday November 21, 1PM], join One Laptop per 
Child/Sugar Labs visionaries as they converge on New York City for an 
afternoon Community Summit:


OLPC and Sugar community innovators will be presenting some of the 
critical developments taking place this year, including:

    · The imminent launch of the XO 1.5 laptop, and 1st public hands-on 
demo of our latest prototype
    · The impact of more than 1 Million XO Laptops already shipped 
around the world, including every child in Uruguay
    · The development of groundbreaking new Sugar Learning software, 
open source as always [watch Walter Bender's video: http://tr.im/Bg0F] 
    · Personal accounts of our community's strongly maturing Volunteer 
Ladder and Community Deployments, providing meaningful participation to 
to all

Explore our guides, manuals and books [paper versions of 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Manuals] written by pioneering members of our 
community -- and take part in our strategy session considering the 
long-term future of OLPC and Sugar, building on our unheralded successes 
-- and continuing the build-out of exceptional Local Projects.

So Teachers, Technologists, and Twitter Gurus, you're invited!  How are 
we empowering kids/teachers with guided discovery and content TODAY, 2 
years after Give1Get1 sparked creatives collaborating around the World?  
How is Community Mentoring and Peer Tutoring now delivering the goods in 
the Rich West and the Toughest corners of Africa?  How can you directly 
take part in reshaping struggling kids' opportunities in the US Northeast?

Join us to learn [Tentatively Saturday November 21, 1PM] and you'll be 
joining something bigger -- a movement that directly impacts education 
throughout the world. 

Further details of the Community Summit will be announced [at 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_New_York] very soon.  Meantime, follow 
the latest [at http://twitter.com/olpc] and please help by letting 
people know about the great work OLPC and Sugar Labs are doing -- and 
encouraging others to support our cause.  Everyone Can Help: learning 
innovators, software carpenters, community marketing gurus, usability 
experts, local teachers, grassroots organizers, artists, quality 
assurance/support gurus, and more.  /Share our vision.  Make a 
difference.  Everybody is welcome!


--------End DRAFT Announcement--------

/Contact me personally (holt @ laptop dot org) if you can help Wake Up 
NYC (strategically connected communities on meetup.com / beyond) and/or 
finalize the venue (preferably at a university or 
http://nycresistor.com-like space in or very close to Manhattan!)/
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