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This is due Oct 10th.  They are picking 10 out of 35 applications.

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Subject: SIIA Innovation Incubator Program: Preparing Files for Upload
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Dear Innovation Incubator Applicant:

As summarized in my previous note, you will soon be directed to upload the
following items to our virtual innovation showcase to offer judges a
comprehensive understanding of your innovation during the selection process.
While we work to finalize the virtual platform, please take the next three
days to prepare these items according to the specifications provided:

1. Image/Graphic – e.g. logo (if available) – Please ensure that it is
high-resolution of at least 300dpi (350dpi preferred), color graphic file in
.EPS format

2. A one-minute voice recording  (you will be provided with call-in
instructions to complete the recording process – please prepare a script for
a one-minute oral description of your innovation).

3.One PowerPoint presentation of no more than 10 slides describing your
innovation. (You may include full color graphics and text, however, you may
not embed video or audio files).

4. One (1) PDF. or Word document offering a detailed description of your
innovation, no more than two pages in length.

We anticipate that the upload process will be swift and easy once you have
created and finalized your files - allowing us to meet our October 6th
target completion date.

Note that the Innovation Incubator Virtual Showcase will have two levels:

1.) A landing page listing all applicants, alpha by entity name – to
a.      Innovation Name (linked to your entity page)
b.     Company/ Entity Name

2.)  A detail page for each innovator. It will to include
a. Innovation Name
b. Company / Entity Name
c. Primary Contact Name
d. 500 character innovation summary description – as provided in your
initial application
e. Information about the innovation (user, uses, etc)
f. Graphic/photo – e.g. for logo
g. Entity URL
h. One (1) one-minute voice recording
i. One PowerPoint presentation of no more than 10 slides
j. One (1) PDF. or Word document – detailed description of no more than two
pages in length.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the preparation of the
documents listed above.

All the best,

Tasiyiwa Mapondera
Education Division Manager, SIIA
tmapondera at siia.net

Caroline Meeks
Solution Grove
Caroline at SolutionGrove.com

617-500-3488 - Office
505-213-3268 - Fax
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