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Caroline Meeks solutiongrove at gmail.com
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Trisquel was born as a university project, and it has a strong focus in
> education. We think schools are the main battlefront for free software.
> This is why we made the Trisquel Edu edition, including several sets of
> educational software running on GNOME, and tools for class management
> like iTALC or LTSP. Sugar is a wonderful addition to our educational
> suite, and it can make use of the tools we already have in the system.
Hi Ruben,

Exciting news about Trisquel!

Will you be working on an LTSP Sugar?  LTSP has amazing benefits on cost of
ownership when you view it on a per computer basis.

I'm hoping we eventually get an LTSP/USB solution that still lets the
student take their environment with them out of the school, to after school
and home.  Because we need to look at not just the cost of computers but the
benefits of giving students ownership of their work and the freedom to work
on their projects beyond the hour a week their school might give them in the
computer lab.

I think its feasible to create but I'm not sure if anyone is working on that
solution yet.  I know it may not be in your priority list but I thought I'd
put the idea out there because you could view it as a freedom issue.  The
way thin clients are implemented in schools the student's work is controlled
by the school. When they are not in the building and especially if they
don't have good internet access they can't access their work or the code.
 If they move and leave the school they usually lose access to their work


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