[Marketing] Nicholas Negroponte quote: Sugar as OS was 'mistake'

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Thu Jul 23 14:20:42 EDT 2009


I thought the quote on the link


said that:
> *Sugar as OS was 'mistake'*
> SINGAPORE--Putting a crank-shaft on the XO laptop was a mistake, but 
> the biggest mistake was not having Sugar run as an application "on a 
> vanilla Linux laptop", said OLPC founder and chairman Nicholas 
> Negroponte.
> "Sugar should have been an application [residing] on a normal 
> operating system," he told ZDNet Asia in an interview. "But what we 
> did...was we had Sugar do the power management, we had Sugar do the 
> wireless management--it became sort of an omelet. The Bios talked 
> directly with Sugar, so Sugar became a bit of a mess."
> Negroponte added: "It should have been much cleaner, like the way they 
> offer [it] on a stick 
> <http://www.zdnetasia.com/news/software/0,39044164,62055525,00.htm> now."
> The availability of the Sugar interface via a USB could possibly 
> herald a "naked" XO laptop in future, said Negroponte, currently on 
> leave from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

NOT that sugar was a mistake....

Tom Gilliard

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