[Marketing] a librarian blogs about SoaS

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 14:54:19 EDT 2009


I'm really interested in this post, because I learned something: that
librarians are concerned about providing seamless interaction between
school and library. Maybe this is in the "d'uh" department and I need
to get down to the library more often :-)

"[Sugar on a Stick] means that a child can go to school, work on
classwork, homework, notes, etc, with the ability to complete those
same exact tasks in any location.  It meants that parents will no
longer be tasked with buying expensive software. It means that school
systems can use older, slower computer systems and can upgrade less,
which frees up money for other initiatives.  It means that same
student could come to the library and work in the computing
environment that they’re used to.  It means that libraries like Howard
County, who are partners in education with the local school systems,
could potentially further integrate and provide seamless interaction
from school to the library."

"It means that more resources will be available to more children."

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