new Home Page text?

Sean DALY at
Sat Feb 28 14:01:55 EST 2009

Thanks for this Walter

The key word for me in your message is "invitation"... the goal of the
static site has to be not only to explain the Sugar project, but to
invite parents and teachers to try it. In a certain sense, if we can
get prospective deployers to install and try Sugar and have positive
experiences with kids, the platform itself will be the invitation to
go further and deploy for active use.

What usually works for a site like this is:
1) A big friendly logo, with slogan summing up the project in several words.
2) A big fat button for 1-click download, often dynamically adjusted
to the client platform when technically feasible.
3) A few concise phrases communicating the benefits, often indicating
the benefits exclusive to the project.
4) Easy-to-find links to more in-depth information, about us,
alternate downloads, wiki, support, contact, etc.

What may be different about our site is that the kid-to-grownup ratio
may be higher... so presenting more like a book does makes sense I

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