new site feedback

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at
Sat Feb 28 08:59:31 EST 2009


I must recognize that I like the new site ;) Though frankly I cannot
say much about its performance with the different groups of people it
is targeted to. Perhaps we could get some feedback from tests with
teachers, random parents, kids, journalists, etc? Check out how well
this people can get to know what sugar is, etc?

Something I really love is Dongyun Lee's illustrations, they are very
beautiful. I would like to see some more graphical stories about
different aspects of learning with Sugar, from different authors with
very different styles, that would get added to the right side of other
pages, and perhaps also aggregated from one single page. And perhaps
one day published on a paper book, even if I'm not a big fan of
killing trees ;)

About the video, it's a pity that the free-form view in the home view
is featured there, as users haven't liked it much (we held a votation)
and we were planning to remove it. AFAIK this was an unilateral
decision from NN that never was explained properly. Any chance to get
that changed?

Perhaps could help to the debate about this site favouring
"stylish-ness" over functionality to point out to one nice example of
what a "functional project site" may be in today's open source

Thanks all for your hard work and your frank opinions, I'm really
thrilled to see so much effort put towards showing off what Sugar is
intended to become.



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