Reminder: Marketing IRC meeting tomorrow, Tuesday Feb. 24th at 1600 UTC

Sean DALY at
Mon Feb 23 11:20:52 EST 2009

Hi everyone I climbed down from my Alp this weekend (so to speak) so
I'm back online

I propose the following agenda for tomorrow's meeting:

1. Making Sugar Labs press-contactable - there's a problem with
Google's Grand Central: it's US-only (for call forwarding) at this
time. But I think I have a solution - obtain a US GSM SIM card which I
could use in Europe (if the roaming fees won't ruin me ;-).

2. List of education publications I have added for press releases -
after much googling & yahooing I have identified a number of education
publications/portals. I'll submit my list for comment later today.

3. Elevator pitch for teachers - I will respond to Walter's rough
draft later today & would like your input. This text may be a starting
point for the next press release's short description of Sugar Labs
(underneath "news" part of press release).

4. Press release languages - I'd like to spend a couple of minutes
discussing the possibility of doing press releases in languages other
than English, in particular en, fr, de, pt. I can do French and
perhaps we can find volunteers to do the other languages? There's a
workflow aspect to this of course.

5. Sugar Labs Ambassadors program - dfarning has suggested we look at
Fedora's Ambassadors program.

6. Obtaining USB sticks for Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) - have we
contacted anyone beyond Belkin, Pantone, Emtec? and where are we with
these three leads.

Comments/questions welcome!



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