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This is a cute idea. Does anyone want to write 25 Random Things about Sugar?

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Subject: (MBM) The "25 Things" meme
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  Dear MBM Colleagues,

Some of you may be familiar with the "25 Random Things About Me"
phenomenon on Facebook

I was just reading the latest e-newsletter from the Prison Book
Program <http://prisonbookprogram.org>, and saw that this wonderful
local nonprofit had made clever use of it to educate friends and
stakeholder about itself. (Please see the bottom of my message, if
you'd like to read the 25 things from the Prison Book Program.)

It occurs to me that this could be a clever strategy for many small
nonprofits - there's something in human nature that is drawn to lists!
Do please feel free to post 25 things about your nonprofit
organization to
<mission-based-massachusetts at yahoogroups.com<mission-based-massachusetts%40yahoogroups.com>

Many thanks and best regards from Deborah

P.S. I've succumbed to the fad as well. If for some reason you'd like
to knew 25 things about me, just go to

Deborah Elizabeth Finn
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
deborah_elizabeth_finn at post.harvard.edu<deborah_elizabeth_finn%40post.harvard.edu>
Skype: Deborah909
Twitter: Deborah909
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/deborah909

"Everybody can be great...
because everybody can serve."
- Martin Luther King jr. (1929 - 1968)


25 Things About the Prison Book Program

1. We share a church basement with some pretty famous people - John
Adams, John Quincy Adams and their wives are interred in crypts about
20 feet away from our book room.

2. We have over 4600 books in our book room - if piled on top of
each other, they would be over 30 stories high.

3. We have a collection of "wacky cat books" in our library. Some
favorites include "The Cat Cookbook," "The Meow Te Ching" and a book
of kitty personal ads.

4. One of the funniest books that was ever donated to us was
"Children's Letters to Spiro Agnew."

5. We are affiliated with the Lucy Parsons Bookstore

6. Lucy Parsons was a labor organizer in Chicago

7. Despite having died in 1942, Lucy still gets marriage proposals
and love letters from prisoners.

8. For $25, you can fund a GED study guide and dictionary that will
allow one prisoner to receive a GED.

9. Our "We the People" legal primer was authored by an ex-offender
who just showed up with a finished copy one day.

10. Our logo was designed by two inmates at the Souza-Baranowski
State Prison in Shirley, MA. They also came up with the tagline
"Books can open doors."

11. Our National Prisoner Resource List has been around for 21
years. Recently a sight-impaired volunteer created the large-print

12. Dictionaries are by far our most requested book.

13. We love it when volunteers take it upon themselves to improve
the way we do things at PBP.

14. We really would love for someone to donate several laptops.

15. With a small but dedicated group of volunteers, PBP is able to
ship out over 15,000 books each year.

16. Unlike other non-profit organizations, PBP has no paid staff so
all of the work is done by our volunteers.

17. PBP is one of the oldest "free books to prisoners" programs in
the country; there are approximately 15-20 other programs across the

18. PBP is 35 years old.

19. Our favorite donations are paperback non-fiction titles.

20. We hold a book drive each fall with City Mission Society of
Boston and Better World Books. We have collected 20,000 book
donations in each of the last two years.

21. Our 2009 book drive is scheduled for Saturday October 3.

22. 43% of inmates did not have a high school diploma or GED.
(Dept of Justice statistics)

23. Based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 32%
of black males will enter State or Federal prison during their
lifetime, compared to 17% of Hispanic males and 5.9% of white males

24. Thirty-one percent of jail inmates had grown up with a parent or
guardian who abused alcohol or drugs. About 12 percent had lived in a
foster home or institution. Forty-six percent had a family member who
had been incarcerated

25. Since 1990, several studies have shown that prisoners who attend
educational programs while they are incarcerated are less likely to
return to prison following their release
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