Meeting minutes 2009-02-10

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Feb 10 12:48:56 EST 2009

We got to spend some good time on a "What's The Big Picture / Priorities 
/ Important Stuff" for marketing? convo today, rather than solely 
churning through weekly action items, which is awesome. Yay for erikos, 
caroline, sdziallas, jt4sugar, tomeu, walterbender, and SeanDALY for 
moving us forward!

for logs.

Big Things:

* Simon/erikos is The LinuxTag Coordinator. All thoughts/questions/etc 
regarding that, please direct to him, and cc the marketing mailing list. 
Swag thoughts/ideas that can be used at LinuxTag (USB sticks, etc.) 
should go there also; it seems we work with swag best if we have a 
concrete event deadline. ;)

* Sean/SeanDALY is our Press Release Guru, and will be chairing next 
week's meeting.

The Todo List: (a.k.a. wherein Mel learns that meetbot's tag is #action, 
not #todo, and sighs and uses grep instead) - we need help with the 
following items, not taken by anyone.

     *  #TODO - set up "here's how to get swag" designs/links from 
FOSDEM and SCaLE that are reusable for other people
     * #TODO - post a "who's who" with who has what marketingteam 

The much longer assigned todo list is at, so 
please look at that if you were at today's meeting!

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