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With the Sugar Learning Platform, the age-old question "What did you
do in school today?" can be retired. Sugar maintains a diary (the
Journal) of everything your child does: what she makes (nouns), how
she makes it (verbs), and with whom she was collaborating (proper
nouns). You can sit down with your child and walk through the Journal
to review her progress as well as leave comments and note for her

The award-winning Sugar learning platform is a revolutionary new
approach to technology and learning. With Sugar you child will engage
in exploring knowledge, expressing herself through writing, drawing,
video—even programming the computer. She'll also reflect upon her work
and use Sugar to create a portfolio of her accomplishments.

Sugar comes with the usual collection of activities: a web browser,
and ebook reader, a multimedia player, a word processor, and lots of
game. It also comes with a rich collection of music tools, both for
playing and composing music, and programming tools that are accessible
to child as young as 6-years old, but interesting enough to keep a
teenager enaged. A hallmark of Sugar is its simplicity—even
pre-schoolers can use the Sugar basics—while putting no upper bound on
the complexity of expression to which you child can reach.

Another hallmark of Sugar is collaboration. Your child can collaborate
with friends, family, and classmates through a "school server"—playing
games, chatting, sharing bookmarks, and helping each other with

You can try Sugar by downloading it onto a USB key and then using it
to boot your desktop or laptop computer. (Sugar will not change
anything on your computer—it uses the USB instead of your harddisk.)
You can introduce Sugar to your child's school using USB sticks as

With Sugar, your child will grow confident as a learner. Her unlimited
potential will be realized.

See... for more details about how to try Sugar.

Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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