Caryl's notes on upcoming events

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Feb 3 11:03:55 EST 2009

Some notes from Caryl Bigenho on upcoming events we might want to look 
at; being discussed at the marketing meeting on #sugar-meeting right now.


Now...about!  It is so hard to know what to tell folks
with things changing all the time.  I will have a booth at SCaLE with 5
XOs working for folks to try.  Scorche will be there also and is trying
to get his booth next to mine so we can share his wi-fi. Ed Cherlin is
coming and hopefully will bring info about Sugar on A stick (and maybe a
sample). He will have a booth about something else.

Two other things are coming up...the CUE (Computer Using Educators)
Conference in early March where I will be doing a presentation about
OLPC and the XO.  I won't have a booth, but plan to be available to
attendees who want to try the machines and know more about Sugar.

At the end of February (right after SCaLE), my son (Chris) is taking his
contributor's machines to the NAIS (National Association of Independents
Schools) conference in Chicago, where he is in charge of the hands on
continuous workshop "Classrooms of the Future." It is a very high
powered conference...Oprah will do their closing address, Guy Kawasaki
will be there plus other notables.

So...what would OLPC/Sugar Labs like the message to be?  What sort of
things can we offer people? What sort of things would we like to get
from people?  Will they be able to buy XOs?  How can they get involved
in developing software?  How can they get involved (programming for
SCaLE attendees, program and curriculum design and lesson plans for CUE
and NAIS attendees).

I see these as 3 huge opportunities for both OLPC and Sugar Labs.  I
want to be sure we (I) don't miss the chance to get the word out....I
just need to know what that "word" is!

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