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Mel Chua mel at
Tue Dec 2 12:15:44 EST 2008

We're working an explanation blurb for the top of 
This is a small, fast miniproject. If you want to participate:

* See current draft text below.
* Respond with edits in the next 24 hours. All replies must contain a 
complete draft of a blurb to be considered - instead of saying things 
like "I think it should mention cookies somewhere," write a draft of the 
blurb that mentions ponies and send that out! Blurbs may be annotated to 
clarify your intentions. ;-)
* I will aggregate edits and send final text to Bernie 24 hours from now.

Note that I am claiming temporary benevolent dictatorship on the blurb, 
but after we send to Bernie in 24 hours anyone can take editorialship 
and beat it into the next-gen of cohesiveness with a stick if they want. ;-)

Thanks, y'all!



Blurb: Planet Sugar Labs is a collection of personal blogs by Sugar Labs 
community contributors. We experiment, make guesses and predictions that 
sometimes don't work out, and we don't always agree on things. We trust 
that you'll be able to sort through the chaos and make up your own mind. 
By opening up our thoughts behind the work we do, we hope to show how 
Sugar Labs is a collective effort of a community of smart and passionate 
people working (in very different ways) to solve the same problem: 
learning about learning.

Annotation: I'm looking to strike a balance between "simplify and 
amplify" (a central/cohesive message, I'm assuming) and having the 
different voices and opinions of Sugar contributors come out as 
individuals - who might disagree, and be confusing in their disagreement 
for a viewer from the outside world.

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