[IAEP] Second Call for Candidacies Sugar Labs Oversight Board Elections 2020-2022

Chihurumnaya Ibiam ibiamchihurumnaya at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 11:29:12 EDT 2020

Hi Everyone,

This is a second call for candidates from the Sugar Labs Membership and
Elections Committee for four (4) members of the Sugar Labs Oversights Board
for the period of 2020-2022.

This is a second call for candidates!

*All members of Sugar Labs can be part of the **Sugar Labs **Over**sight*
* Board* <https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board>* and therefore are
invited to submit their candida**cy** for **the** 2020-2022 **period
until January 4th, 2020, as follows:*

*Each candidate shall create one (1) Entry in the Sugar Labs wiki sharing
their vision and motivation.*
>>To add your candidacy visit:

To request a Sugar Labs Wiki account, please send a user name and email
address to the Systems team: *systems @ lists dot sugarlabs dot org*

Here is the complete Wiki Guide:

Here is the link for the specific case of adding and Entry:

If you are not a member yet or need help in any step of the process, please
send your request to *members @ sugarlabs dot org*

*Deadline for **publi**shing** candida**cies*
 *i**n **the* *Sugar Labs **Wiki **is: 04/Nov/2020*

Welcome candidates!

*Membership and Elections Comittee*

*Sugar Labs Project*


Ibiam Chihurumnaya
ibiamchihurumnaya at gmail.com
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